Sunday, August 24, 2014

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For August 24th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management  @wchoops and @kcsportsmgmt

The Trade---With one of the biggest trades in the NBA for recent years, now it is important to ask who won? After all, the NBA and all of professional and now amateur sports is about winning.

I would say, that in the trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves, the real winners were both teams. By going out and getting a great player like Kevin Love, a consistent all-pro, it proved the Cavaliers after signing LeBron James in July are willing to go out and get even better, despite acquiring James. The reason for the win by the Timberwolves, was they got young players, who have so much potential led by Andrew Wiggins.

As a reader, what do you think?

Oregon State---The Beavers are not going to win the Pac-12 this year in basketball. But, everything I am hearing about new coach Wayne Tinkle is positive. The Beavers will make some noise in the Pac-12 and this should be a team to watch in future years, as Tinkle builds a program that can be sustainable.

An NCAA appearance is sorely needed in Corvallis, hard to believe the last time the Beavers appeared in the "Big Dance" was 1990.

Greg Crawford On Basketball---It is always fair to say, what do with do with this blog. Well, the answer is pretty simple. We want to give concise, important and entertaining information to our readers. We will always cover in Greg Crawford On Basketball:

1. The NBA

2. The NBA Developmental League

3. NCAA Basketball

4. The Northwest Conference and Cascade Collegiate Conference, including weekly power rankings and the CCC digest.

5. The NWAACC, which is one of the top community college and JC Leagues in the country.

6. In-Depth coverage of the Portland Pilots and Portland State Vikings.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For August 18th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management @wchoops @crawssportsbiz

Changing Basketball----Yesterday on the Sunday night radio show we do, "Portland Metro Small College Hoops", the great coach at Lewis and Clark College, Dinari Foreman, asked me what I would change in college basketball to make it better.

So here is the answer I gave in print.

1. I would bring back pre-game dunking. Make the penalties the same as in the game, if a player hangs on the rim, he gets a technical. The game of college basketball needs fans, it needs to make a comeback believe it or not and this would be a step in the right direction.

2. In the second overtime, do no play for 5 minutes. Instead make it a free throw shoot out contest, with each team picking five players before the game who would represent their teams. And to be fair, make sure the visiting team does not shoot into the student crowd ever. The tension would be amazing in the building, for sure. Plus, we would see free throw shooting improve dramatically, which at present overall is below the 70 percent mark.

3. Centralize officiating. Make assignments all come out of the same office. No more conference supervisors, it would improve the officiating product greatly and improve the game of college basketball.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For August 16th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst  on twitter @wchoops and @crawssportsbiz

NBA All-Star Game---- So the Portland Trail Blazers are bidding to host either the 2017 or 2018 NBA All-Star game. Good for them, it is so deserved, considering the fact Seattle, Washington hosted an NBA all-star in 1987 and that city does not even have a team in the NBA at present.

Chris McGowan has done a great job as president of the Blazers and he will be the driving force behind bringing this prestigious affair to the Rose City. Just a word of caution, many people are touting this as the greatest sporting event ever to come to the city if it happens. That is laughable. The two greatest sporting events ever to come to the city of Portland were the 1977 NBA championship series, of which Portland won the title and golf's Fred Meyer Challenge, which will never be duplicated.

But on a positive note, to help get this event here, since Portland is always so different and also people are claiming this will be a different atmosphere, I want to help promote this event, by making it even more different.

Instead of letting kids in free, how about giving a free ticket to any Portlander who fits into the following categories.

1. Anyone who has a garden and does not have rose bush in it.

2. Anyone who has never eaten salmon

3. Anyone who has never had a Voodoo donut.

4. Anyone who has never protested a United States President coming to Portland.

5. Anyone without a tattoo.

6. Anyone who has never watched Portlandia.

7. Anyone who in the last three years who has ATTENDED a Portland State football game.

8. Anyone who does not own a bike.

9. And last, but not least, anyone who is a Republican.

And yes, if you gave a free ticket to anyone above, still plenty of tickets left for the dignitaries.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Greg Crawford Basketball, For August 2nd, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Print and Radio Analyst---COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management   @wchoops and @crawssportsbiz

Top Nine---- The world famous Crawford power rankings brings you the initial top nine NBA teams for the 2014-15 season. Subject to change, but always interesting.

9. Phoenix Suns
8. Portland Trail Blazers
7. Cleveland Cavaliers
6. Miami Heat
5. Los Angeles Clippers
4. Golden State Warriors
3. Oklahoma City Thunder
2. Chicago Bulls
1. San Antonio Spurs

Now your turn, give me your rankings and tell me where I went wrong.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For July 27th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst twitter @wchoops and @kcsportsmgmt

NBA 2017-18--- At anytime now the NBA is expected to announce a new TV deal with either its present partners or future TV partners. The deal is expected to be somewhere in the range of $1.5 to $1.8 billion yearly, double the present TV. The new deal will take affect in the 2016-17 season.

Everyone in the game and in sports business is watching this situation. Both the NBA player's association and the NBA, want labor peace. But that may not be possible, when, in the current collective bargaining agreement, either side can opt out of the agreement in 2017. Right now, it would appear that we will almost for sure have another labor stoppage in the 2017-18 season. Every sign points to the economics as being as such.

Kevin Johnson----Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, who was extremely instrumental in getting the Kings to stay in his town, has just found out how fragile things can be in the NBA, or better yet, "what have you done for me lately."

Mayor Johnson was helping the NBA player's association select a new executive director, a position that has not been filled since the departure of Billy Hunter in 2013. Johnson broke off all ties with the players this past week, when word got out that some players did not like his involvement because he might be too close to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who was a key player in the Kings remaining in Sacramento and not moving to Seattle.

Kevin Johnson did yeoman work in keeping the Kings in his town. But it always seemed kind of odd that a full time mayor of a big American city would be dedicating time to helping the NBA players' association, unless of course he had visions of being their next leader, or ever bigger replacing Adam Silver someday.

Mayors of big cities need to stick to the business of running their own cities and the welfare of their citizens, no matter how talented they are in other areas.

Concordia University---Congrats to Concordia University on passing the last hurdle in joining the NCAA. In the 2015-16 season, the Cavaliers will become a full time member of the Division-2 GNAC Conference, after playing this year,  their final season as member of the NAIA Cascade Collegiate Conference.

This is quite a jump for any school, to go up virtually two levels and especially a private school. Concordia is a great university, with many great alumni, but personally I am hoping they did not bite off more than they can chew.

One thing that needs to happen almost immediately is for the North Portland School to remodel or expand their basketball gymnasium. The GNAC is a powerful conference, especially a conference where basketball drives the bus and the present facility at Concordia University is just too small to compete on a consistent level at D-2.

Wonderful people at Concordia, here is wishing them to get it done in this major athletic move.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

2010 vs 2014 by Jourdyn Thompson

As we all know LeBron is going back home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. So its gets me to think about the last time LeBron played for the Cavs and will this team be better than the 2010 team. In 2010 the starting five consist of Mo Williams, Anthony Parker, LeBron James, Anderson Varejao, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. This team lost to Boston in six games, which led James to take his talents to south beach. If the roster stays how it is right now, the projected starting five would be Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins, LeBron James, Tristan Thompson, and Anderson Varejao. I would have to say that the 2010 team is a lot better than the 2014 team. I know that this 2014 is a lot younger and may have nice potential, but I haven't seen anything from Thompson and Wiggins to put them over the top. I know Wiggins is a rookie, but I didn't see too much in college either. The 2014 team may look better, but what happens when the starters come out? If you look at 2010 they had a way better bench team then they will in 2014. You still had Shaq that could play a little bit, Daniel Gibson that could shoot the ball and Delonte West who could attack the rim anytime. Now I understand that they have gone out and got Mike Miller a natural born shooter and James Jones who best days are behind him, but that's only two people that play the same position.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gregory Crawford On Basketball, For July 20th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---Print, TV and Radio Basketball Analyst  twitter @wchoops and @crawssportsbiz

Jon Spoelstra's Thoughts On LeBron--- We have already heard the classy comments of Erik Spoelstra, coach of the Miami Heat about LeBron leaving his team for Cleveland.

But how about the thoughts of Erik's talented father Jon Spoelstra, who has been a top flight executive in the NBA with several teams, considered by many to be the greatest sports marketer of all time and now a highly successful author with many best selling books, including "Marketing Outrageously, Redux" and his latest "The Ultimate Tool Kit."

Obviously Jon knows a thing or two about the NBA for many reasons and Gregory Crawford On Basketball was able tonight to get Jon Spoelstra's first public comments on LeBron going to Cleveland.

"I sit back and think about this and only one thing comes to my mind. For four years I was able to see my son coach the best basketball player in the world and see them go to the NBA Finals four years in a row and win the championship two of those four years," said Jon Spoelstra.

"As a father of a coach, that is as special as it gets. Many people never even make it to the NBA Finals or win a title, so I for sure have no regrets. It was a special time, a special NBA run and to have your son coaching that run is just fabulous."

Now you all know, as I have known for sometime, the entire Spoelstra family is nothing but class always, in addition to being highly successful.

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