Sunday, May 3, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For May 3rd, 2015

By Greg Crawford---- COO of Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management, on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

NBA Playoffs----I know I am pushing my good fortune here, after correctly picking 7 out 8 first round playoff series correctly, but here we go with the second round, much tougher choices. My lone first round mistake, taking Portland over Memphis.

Chicago wins in 6 game over Cleveland, Chicago is a very underrated team and without Kevin Love, the Cavs will be hurting.

Houston wins in 6 over the Clippers, two really good teams, but my pick on April 19th to win the NBA Championship right before the playoffs started was the Houston Rockets and sticking with it.

Atlanta over Washington in 7 games. Toughest series to pick, once again the reason they are here is that they are both really solid teams, well coached.

Golden State over Memphis in 7 games. Should go the distance, as Memphis is much better than most people think they are and will give Golden State a battle.

Max Deals----More than likely, with all the free agents up this year, there will not be that many max deals, especially with the new TV deal kicking in one year from now and the fact that there will more than likely be a lockout, perhaps a long one in 2017. So if Love and Aldridge do leave their respective teams, which there is a great chance of happening, they will probably opt for a two year deal with their new clubs.

Popovich---Resting all those players and cheating the fans of seeing stars often, did not work this year. The Spurs often looked sluggish and Popovich was out coached in the series with the Clippers, just like he was outcaoched two years past by Erik Spoelstra in the NBA Finals.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For April 19th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

NBA Attendance---- The final attendance figures are in for the 2014-15 NBA regular season and it was a record setting year.

21,926,548 fans attended games during the regular season, which broke the previous all time high attendance mark of 21,841,488 set in the 2006-07 season. This year's attendance was up 2.4 percent from the 2013-14 season.

There were 700 sellouts in the regular season, breaking also the old high sellout mark, which was surprisingly set in the 1994-95 season when 626 games sold out.

Average attendance for all league games this year was 17,826, which is close to 94 percent of capacity. The Thunder, Rockets, Spurs, Clippers, Warriors, Heat, Knicks, Cavs, Mavericks and Bulls were the teams which sold out every game. The Bulls led the league in attendance with an average of 21,343 and the 76ers finished last in NBA attendance with an average of 13,940 fans attending each game. The biggest draw on the road this season were of course the Cavaliers, at 18,915.

Notre Dame----This week Notre Dame made history, when their women's basketball coaching position was the first women coacning job in the country to become endowed, thanks to a generous $5 million donation from Karen and Kevin Keyes. Karen played for Notre Dame, under present coach Muffet McGraw.

Earlier this year Notre Dame's athletic department encouraged donors and alumni to support endowments for all coaching positions at the school. For the record, the current tuition at Notre Dame is just over $45,000.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For April 18th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings----- Before the great start of the playoffs, here is my final NBA power rankings for the 2014-15 season. We will be back next year with our now world famous power rankings and always keep in mind, we do things in 9s, out of the great respect for the game of golf.

9. Dallas
8. Chicago
7. San Antonio
6. Memphis
5. Houston
4. Clippers
3. Atlanta
2. Cleveland
1. Golden State

Crawford's NBA Playoff Predictions-----It will be an interesting playoffs this year in the NBA, with what in my mind, no clear favorite to win the title. When the season started, I predicted that Chicago would beat Portland in the NBA Finals. I was obviously wrong on that one, it is not going to happen. But not backing off, how about this, my finals prediction is that Houston will beat Cleveland in 7 games.  Now it is your turn to make your choices. Here is my opening round picks, which also have a chance to be special.

Golden State beats New Orleand, in 5 games
Houston wins over Dallas, in 6 games
Clippers beat the Spurs in 6 games
Portland upsets Memphis in 6 games
Atlanta wins over Brooklyn in 5 games
Cleveland beats Boston in 5 games
Chicago wins over Milwaukee in 6 games
Washington upsets Toronto in 7 games

Kevin Love---- As I reported on Rip City Radio 620 earlier this week, with breaking news, there is pretty much zero chance that Kevin Love will return to Cleveland next year. Top to contenders for him to join in order, Boston, followed by the Lakers.

Note: We are back with Greg Crawford On Basketball, for hopefully a long time to come, as technical issues prevented us from posting the past couple of weeks. So follow us everyday but Monday, as we cover the great world of college basketball on all levels, the NBA, D-League and NBA Draft.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 29th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- Radio, TV and Print Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Hot Topics-----Time for a few hot topics in the world of basketball.

Calipari----If Kentucky wins the national championship, there is lots of talk that John Calipari will head back to the pros. The last time he was not successful, but what is interesting is this time he seems to be interested in going and is not denying his interest. There will be plenty of places for him to go, my take is he would be a great fit with the Denver Nuggets. I think that he is for sure a much better basketball coach than he was the last time around in the NBA. What do you think?

Notre Dame----One of the sad things each year is that often the second best team in the NCAA tournament, never gets a chance to prove it. Notre Dame is in no way a 3 seed and they proved it during the year and in the tournament. Not even because they played great and easily could have beaten  Kentucky with a break, but Notre Dame is gone and they probably are the second best team in the country at present. What do you think?

Texas---- Texas AD, Steve Patterson has a tough choice in selecting  a replacement for Rick Barnes as the new men's basketball coach at Texas. The early choices are always the same, Gregg Marshall and Shaka Smart, who are always on everyone's short list. Keep in mind however that Patterson is an NBA guy of many years and he might very well look to the NBA for his next choice. It would never happen, but I have always thought it would be great to see Erik Spoelstra coaching in college. He would be an awesome recruiter for sure and we already know how good he is at Xs and Os. What do you think?

Announcing---- There is no question in my mind that this team should be advancing. The announcing team of Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller and Dan Bonner were without question the best announcing team in the NCAA tournament. Kind of shame they will not be doing the championship game, instead of who will, Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery and Grant Hill. What do you think?

Sunday Scores---Here we go with score predictions for Sunday, did not have a good Saturday going 1-1, which does not cut it these days.

Michigan State 68 Louisville 67

Duke 90 Gonzaga 80

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 28th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- Print, Radio and TV Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's NBA power rankings---It is Saturday, so once again time for the most recent edition of Crawford's NBA power rankings. Per usual, we do everything in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Memphis
8. San Antonio
7. Chicago
6. Portland
5. Houston
4. Atlanta
3. Clippers
2. Cleveland
1. Golden State

Northern Arizona---- Congrats to Northern Arizona on winning their 22 game of the season last night, as they advance in the CIT tournament.

It has been a great year for the Lumberjacks, as well as it was a great year for the Big Sky Conferecne of which they are a member. You had to think NAU was pretty good this year, when in December they went into St. Mary's and beat the Gaels on their home floor.

Hot Rod Hundley---- As someone who has followed the NBA closely for 6 decades, it is always sad to hear of the passing of one of the league's greatest broadcasters of all time.

Hot Rod Hundley was not only a good player in the NBA in the early 60s, but he was an even better broadcaster on TV and Radio.

His most famous time came with the New Orleans and Utah Jazz, where he broadcasted at a high level from 1974-2009, calling 3,051 games.

A very funny guy and wonderful to listen too as well. Thank you for great memories, Hot Rod Hundley.

Scores----Ok, here we go with my NCAA tournament predictions for today.

Arizona 66 Wisconsin 65

Kentucky 68 Notre Dame 53

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 26th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Coaching Changes--- Always a hot topic this time of year, who is going to get jobs in coaching that are open and who has already been hired.

Nevada---- The Wolf Pack have hired Eric Musselman, who was an associate coach at LSU, after being on the staff of Herb Sendek at Arizona State the previous two seasons.

Musselman's head coaching experience has been strictly in the pros, where he had success in the D-League, but no success in the NBA.

A puzzling hire here, with so many more talented coaches available, but only time will tell.

San Diego----It was really surprising that San Diego of the WCC let Billy Grier go after nine seasons. The job now is wide open, to me it is a great job, in a city that can be really crazy about basketball, especially if you win. The WCC also is such a good league. I might suggest the Toreros take a hard look at Jim Hayford at Eastern Washington, a total winner, who can take a program to a higher level in a hurry.

Arizona State--- The powers that be at Arizona State want their team in the NCAA tournament every year, lofty, but probably not possible. That was the major reason, Herb Sendek was let go. The job has been offered to Duke assistant Jeff Capel.

Not sure if that would be a choice I would make, but time will tell for sure.

Besides Hayford, another person these teams should look at to run their orogram is Bob Cantu, who did an outstanding job at USC, both as a head coach and lon time assistant and is one of the best recruiters in all of college basketball.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 22nd, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analysis --- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Pac-12---- Going into Oregon's game tonight with Wisconsin, the Pac-12 is 7-0 so far in the NCAA tournament. Remarkable, considering it was down year for the league, with not that many good teams and some horrible games during the season.

Anything can happen once tournament time comes and it has for the Pac-12. Not only was it a poor basketball regular season for the Pac-12, but for the third year a row attendance declined overall. Oregon which has a great coach, an exciting up-tempo team, had their attendance dip nearly a 1,000 per game from the 2013-14 season, with an average this year of just over 6,200.

Portland, Oregon----Portland has a hosted an opening round weekend now for the third time in six years. This year attendance was down from 2012, surprising considering in the field were Arizona, Ohio State and Utah all who travel well and have for years. The field also included Eastern Washington, a five hour car trip to Portland from their home of Cheney, Washington.

Many in Portland are clamoring for a regional the next time around, but to have the 2nd and 3rd round games is not all that bad, as you get 8 teams as compared to 4 and two more games.

All indications from the powers that be are that Portland will continue to be in the rotation for NCAA tournament games and might very well be hosting a regional in 2019.

TV----Overall so far in the NCAA tournament, attendance is down slightly going into the round of Sunday games.

No one seems to mention it, but with actual TVs becoming so much more high tech, it gets easier and easier to stay home. Of course,  nothing beats being at a sporting event live, but as the United States population ages and more people are living much longer, TV has become a great option.

Evidence of this is the record ratings which came in Thursday from the tournament games, overall up 16 percent from last year and the 9:00-1:30 PDT time frame being up 24 percent from 2014 and the highest number of viewers in 25 years.

NBA Attendance----Always interesting to follow the NBA attendance figures. The largest arena in the league is in Chicago, seating 21, 244. The Bulls have sold out every game this year, as have  Cleveland, Dallas, Knicks, Miami, Warriors, Clippers, San Antonio, Houston and Oklahoma City.

No NBA team has played to full capacity this year on the road, as expected the Cavaliers being the highest percentage of 99 percent of capacity.

At home, the Detroit Pistons have the lowest percentage, playing before 68.7 capacity this year. Really surprising, as these teams are having great seasons, but do not even come close to capacity at home are Washington (89 percent), Atlanta (91 percent) and Memphis (95 percent).

The question once again begs with Atlanta being for sale, having a great year on the court and playing to less than capacity, does the team deserve to stay in Atlanta?

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 21st, 2104

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings----It is Saturday, so time for another edition of Crawford's NBA power rankings. Always done in 9s, out of the great respect for the game of golf.

9. Portland
8. Toronto
7. San Antonio
6. Clippers
5. Houston
4. Memphis
3. Atlanta
2. Cleveland
1. Golden State

It is interesting to have Golden State and Cleveland at one and two, as I do not think either of those teams will make the NBA finals this year.

Big Dance--- It is great for many things to have a number 14 win a first round game in the NCAA tournament. However, before anyone gets excited, about every 25 years, a surprise team will win the NCAA championship. This year is no exception, only a handful of teams can win it all, just like every other year for the most part.

Winners of the NCAA championship can be equated to the NBA Draft. Seldom do you see a player drafted below number 10 make it big in the NBA.

Kentucky----It is obvious, no one appears to be able to stop Kentucky this year. Best chances might be Wisconsin and Arizona, because they both play a similar style to the Wildcats and do have some height.

But do not hold your breath. Very slim chance of anyone besides Kentucky being crowned the champ in April.

Tomorrow----Greg Crawford On Basketball will start tomorrow, naming some coaches of the year and players of the year, so keep reading and spread the word. Thank you.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 14th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings---- The latest version, we always do things in 9s.

9. Chicago
8. San Antonio
7. Clippers
6. Houston
5. Memphis
4. Cleveland
3. Portland
2. Golden State
1. Atlanta

NBA Playoffs---- Outside of Atlanta, Cleveland and yes, New Orleans, no one is playing great basketball right now in the NBA. What that means for the fans, is nothing but good news. It is shaping up as one of the greatest playoffs in a many years, as there really is no clear cut favorite at present.

It also means the East could be terrific for playoffs. Toronto has gone into a big tailspin right now, but they are capable as they have shown of beating any team, especially at home. Never backing down, I sticking with what I said in October, a Chicago/Portland final. Of course really unrealistic at present, with yet another knee injury to Derrick Rose. I still like Portland, but their chances are damaged for sure with the season ending injury to Wes Matthews. Portland's five game road trip which starts Sunday in Toronto, will tell a lot about the playoff fortunes of the Blazers in 2015.

Jim Hayford---- Jim Hayford is a perfect example of if you can coach, you can coach at any level in college basketball. There was lots of criticism 5 years past when Hayford was picked to lead a floundering Eastern Washington basketball program, mainly cause Hayford was a D-3 coach coming from Whitworth where he built a powerhouse.

Well guess what, as I predicted in October, Hayford's Eagles will be playing today for the Big Sky Championship and spot in the Big Dance.

Monty Williams--- You never hear much about Monty Williams, head coach of New Orleans in the NBA, but he is doing a great job this year. His team is currently 36-29, in playoff contention and have won 8 out of 10.

NWAC----NWAC basketball is great, as I report all year. Tomorrow, at Clackamas Community College, the league will present a showcase of outstanding sophomores from both the men's and women's side. The action starts at noon.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 8th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Crawford's Best Nine---My final best nine of the 2014-15 college basketball season. This is really tough, but fun to do, so many teams could be in the best nine. Overall it has been a sub-par year for basketball out west. Big Sky had a good year, so did Mt. West, but rest of leagues, including the Pac-12 were sub-par at best.

9. UC Davis---- Great year for the Aggies, winning the Big West, but because it is the Big West, they must win the tournament to get to the NCAA Big Dance.

8. Colorado State---- 26 wins for the Rams, third place in the tough Mt. West and becoming a strong basketball school.

7. Eastern Washington--- They win because they have a great coach in Jim Hayford. He has taken a depressed basketball program in short time, to winning this year a share of the Big Sky title.

6. New Mexico State--- Easy winners of the WAC. They are really good team, that no matter what happens in the WAC tournament, they deserve to be in the NCAA tournament.

5. BYU----The Cougars have now won 9 of 10, meet Portland on Monday night in the WCC tournament semis. They will be in the NCAA tournament and deserve to be there.

4. Oregon Ducks----Closed out the season winning 11 of 13, gaining the number 2 seed in the upcoming Pac-12 tournament. Dana Altman has to be considered for national coach of year.

3. Gonzaga--- I am still holding out hope the Zags will make the Final Four this year, but they need to start playing better.

2. Arizona----Another team to watch in the NCAA tournament, so much talent, they should advance a long way.

1. Boise State----Yes, my final number one of 2015. Mt. West champs, they are so well coached by Leon Rice and finished the regular season winning 14 of 15, in a great basketball conference.

Barry Tompkins----Always good to see Barry doing games. One of the all time great broadcasters in the country, it is surprising and shocking why he is not on the Pac-12 network.

Jim Boeheim--- Should he step down? You make the call. Certainly his legacy has changed forever in the past few days, plus his win count, losing 108 victories off his record.

Danny Miles--- Miles will end his career at Oregon Tech after the 2015-16 season. What a career it has been. Let's hope Miles will have a great final year in the Cascade Collegiate Conference, but let's really hope with over 1,000 wins, 45 years at the same school, he is in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame really soon.

Big Sky Conference----Congrats to the Big Sky on one of their best men's basketball seasons ever. Great to see teams like Eastern Washington and Sacramento State in the mix on the final day for the conference title. EWU and Montana wound up co-champs, Montana getting the tie breaker and hosting the postseason tournament.

Advice from Crawford to the league I love. Next year play a balanced schedule and never again with 8 teams in the tournament, have all games played at one site. Fans and teams deserve better. It is actually thought that next year the Big Sky will move to a neutral site for their postseason, with Reno being the frontrunner at present.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 1st, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's Best Nine--- The best nine teams that play in the six D-1 leagues out west. Very tough, but fun to do.

9. UC Davis---- Continue to play well and will win the Big West regular season. Have won 13 of 15.

8. San Diego State--- Tied for the league lead in the toughest league out west, Mt. West, but suffered a tough home loss yesterday to Boise State.

7. Oregon---- Huge game today at Stanford, in 3rd place in Pac-12, one game lead over Stanford.

6. Utah----When the Utes were winning big, some were saying, not me, a Final Four team. Now they will not even win the Pac-12 regular season title, but still a great year.

5. BYU--- Playing some of the best basketball in the country right now, huge road wins at both Portland and Gonzaga vault the Cougars up to 5th spot.

4. New Mexico State--- Continue to roll in the WAC Conference, will easily win the league and have won 14 of 15.

3. Boise State---- Best team in the country no one talks about. Just completed a road sweep of New Mexico and San Diego State, have won 12 of last 13.

2. Gonzaga----Despite having their 41 game home winning streak snapped yesterday by BYU, they still are worthy of number 2. Will be interesting to see how they do in WCC tourney and NCAA.

1. Arizona--- They have earned it big time. Huge win yesterday at Utah and easy to forget, but beat Gonzaga earlier in season.

Bad Basketball---- In picking Crawford's Best Nine, I do have to say and it is painful, this is one of the weakest years I have seen overall for college basketball out west. Of the six D-1 leagues out west, there really is no strong league, the best of the bunch is the Mt. West.

I still think Gonzaga has a great chance to get to the Final Four, but the loss at home yesterday to BYU was nothing short of shocking.

It is also fun to see a surprise team doing really well in the Big Sky, as Sacramento State has a one game lead over Montana and Eastern Washington going into the final week of league play. The Hornets have played well all year long. If they win the league, they will host the entire Big Sky playoffs, but it will not be in their regular place on campus, the "Nest", which does not meet NCAA standards for attendance. They will play on campus, in the "Well", which is the PE and Wellness Center and will seat about 3,000 with the addition of portable seating being brought in.

None of the other great places to play in Sacramento are available during the time of the tournament.

No matter what is has been a great time and year for Sacramento State.

Crawford's NWAC Power Rankings---- Now here is a league, that is not part of the NCAA, but instead community college basketball that has great coaches, great players and great teams. So with only 2 days left in the regular season, time for double dose of Crawford's NWAC power rankings, starting with the women's teams first. As always, we do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

Crawford's Women's Power Rankings

9. Highline
8. Lane
7. Bellevue
6 Wenatchee Valley
5. Centralia
4. Walla Walla
3. Umpqua
2. Lower Columbia
1. Peninsula

Crawford's Men's Power Rankings

9. Lane
8. Columbia Basin
7. Clackamas
6. Highline
5. Wenatchee Valley
4. Big Bend
3. Clark
2. Edmonds
1. Bellevue

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 28th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings----It is Saturday, so that means another edition of Crawford's world famous NBA power rankings. Always done in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Clippers
8. Toronto
7. Chicago
6. Portland
5. Memphis
4. Cleveland
3. Houston
2. Atlanta
1. Golden State

BYU--- The Cougars were in my hometown of Portland, Oregon this past week to play the U of Portland Pilots, in which they won the game 82-69.

It was a good chance for me to talk with many BYU people and ask them a question which is often brought up, "Is BYU committed to the West Coast Conference?"

Now for sure I could be told anything, but people I seek out are usually very honest and candid. To a person, they all told me that BYU loves being in the West Coast Conference and they plan is to stay for a long time.

Of course the talk is always generated by the fact the West Coast Conference is not a football league and BYU football is big time and now plays as an independent.

My analysis is that in all sports but football, BYU is going nowhere, which is great for the WCC.

Oregon Ducks--- Big question around the state of Oregon is will the Ducks make the NCAA tournament. With a huge match-up on Sunday at Stanford and then a tough road contest at Oregon State on Wednesday night, my feeling is that the Ducks have to win both of those games to make the NCAA tournament. Sitting at 21 wins right now, there just is not enough quality wins for Oregon at present, to make them a lock. If they do not win the Pac-12 tournament, I think they have to get to 24 wins to get in.

Crawford's NBA Bottom Power Rankings----Sports should be fun, so I am expanding my NBA power rankings to give you the worst nine teams in the league. Per usual, once again, we do things in 9s.

9. Boston
8. Detroit
7. Denver
6. Orlando
5. Sacramento
4. Lakers
3. Philadelphia
2. Minnesota
1. New York----Yes, sadly the Knicks per my power rankings, are without question the worst team in the league.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 24th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- On twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Court Storming----How do you stop it. I am really not sure, but I am sure someone will get seriously hurt and I have thought that long before the major bad incident last night in the Kansas State-Kansas game.

Like everything else it will take someone to get seriously hurt, before some major solutions come into play. While I am on this rant, once again let's do away with the after game handshake line in college and high school basketball. Quit crying about sportsmanship and start thinking about how many incidents take place after games. There are many more than you think. Finally, I have not talked to one coach that disagrees with me on the after game handshakes.

Cascade Collegiate Conference---- My second favorite college basketball conference right behind the NWAC Sports has some key playoff games tomorrow night, all local starting times of 7:00 pm. So how about a few score predictions and I am going completely with the chalk.

Oregon Tech 83 @ College of Idaho 102
Corban 59 @ Warner Pacific 64
Eastern Oregon 93 @Concordia 99
Northwest Christian 78 @ Southern Oregon 79

Derrick Rose--- So sad to see this terrific player hurt again and probably out for the season, with another knee injury for the Chicago Bulls.

It will be Rose's 3rd knee surgery in 3 years and one can only hope he will come back healthy.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 22nd, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's Best Nine---- It is Sunday, so time for another edition of Crawford's Best Nine, the nine best teams at the moment who play in the six D-1 leagues out west.

9. Sacramento State----Hornets have won 9 of 11, tied for Big Sky lead, finish with 3 tough games on the road, at a dangerous Portland State team next Saturday.

8. Boise State----Another solid year under Leon Rice, who obviously is a really good basketball coach.

7. UC Davis--- The class of the Big West still, have won 12 of 13 and show no signs of slowing down.

6. BYU----Big road trip to finish the WCC regular season, in Portland on Thursday and Spokane on Saturday.

5. New Mexico State----Have now won 14 of 15, a team I am sure no one wants to play in the NCAA tourney.

4. San Diego State--- Aztecs lead the best basketball conference out west, the Mt. West by one game, have won 7 of 8.

3. Arizona----Strong team, in holding patter right now, just keep winning games.

2. Utah---- A shade higher than Arizona, showdown game next Saturday in Salt Lake City with the Wildcats, but must get by a really good Oregon team, a noon contest today.

1. Gonzaga---- Down 17 yesterday at St. Mary's, but Zags do what they do best in the regulars season, win games. Team has Final Four written all over it.

Cascade Collegiate Conference----More evidence of why this league is the best D-2 NAIA men's basketball conference in the country. Regular season play ended yesterday, with 3 teams as co-champs. Congrats to Warner Pacific, Concordia and College of Idaho.

C of I won the tiebreaker, so they get the number one seed, let the playoffs begin. This league does it right when it comes to playoffs, as 8 of the 10 teams get in, the top four seeds host games, the top seed winners continue to host games. A very fair way to do things.

A big difference here. The Big Sky Conference has the same amount of teams in the playoffs, but every game is played at the home site of the regular season league winner. Why not let the top seeds host at least one playoff game. It does not make sense to me. Penalizes the fans and teams.

While we are discussing playoffs, it is about time the very tough D-3 Northwest Conference got out of the dark ages and get more teams in the playoffs for basketball. At present four of the nine teams in the league make postseason. How about six making it, 3 plays 6, 4 plays 5 and the winners get 1 and 2. If these leagues really want to be known for their  student/athletes, then you expand the playoffs and make it a great college experience.

Crawford's NWAC Women's Power Rankings----It is Sunday, so time again for Crawford's NWAC power rankings for the women's teams. It has been a great year of basketball, but big shake up this week, as the team's head to the final week of regular season play.

9. Blue Mountain
8. Columbia Basin
7. Highline
6. Walla Walla
5. Peninsula
4. Centralia
3. Bellevue
2. Umpqua
1. Lower Columbia

Yes a new number one, well deserved.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 21st, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---- @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings---- As always you get the most famous and accurate basketball power rankings, with Greg Crawford On Basketball. It is Saturday, so that means NBA power rankings, big shake up and as always we do things in 9s, out of the great respect for the game of golf.

9. Milwaukee
8. Dallas
7. Clippers
6. Oklahoma City
5. Cleveland
4. Atlanta
3. Memphis
2. Toronto
1. Golden State

It is going to be a great March and April in the NBA, with so many battles for playoff spots in both Conferences.

Kyle Wiltjer---- Sometimes D-1 college basketball players transfer for all the wrong reasons. In the case of Kyle Wiltjer, who tranferred from Kentucky to Gonzaga, it was a brilliant move. A move I might add that was totally supported by Kentucky coach John Calipari.

Never mind the fact Wiltjer scored 45 on Pacific Thursday night. He has become a West Coast Conference star indeed and part of that reason, Wiltjer has become a power player down low, with his scoring and rebounding.

His Zags are 26-1, heading to a huge game tonight at St. Mary's, which almost certainly will be the last hurdle for the 15-0 Zags to running the table in the WCC, as them come home next week to meet BYU and San Diego, two teams they should beat at home for sure.

Wiltjer almost certainly this year would have been to the NCAA Final Four had he stayed at Kentucky, but he has a great chance this year of going to a Final Four with Gonzaga, plus being on the floor in the Final Four, something that would have been tougher with the Wildcats.

NBA Draft--- Starting next Friday and every Friday in Greg Crawford On Basketball, we will be giving you in-depth coverage of the 2015 NBA Draft. No, we do not do mock drafts until the day before draft day, but instead we tell you about many players to watch and our own personal evaluation.

State of Oregon--- Never can forget my home state of Oregon and the great basketball games that will take place today.

Oregon State hosting Colorado
Portland State hosting Northern Colorado, with huge playoff implications on the line
A host of NWAC Sports games, including Umpqua visitig Clackamas CC in a key game.
Cascade Collegiate Conference, so much riding on their final day of regular season.
Northwest Conference, with the headliner, Pacific at Willamette, final playoff spot up for grabs

NJIT---- Today in (golf and sport biz, 365 days per year), I talked about New Jersey Institute of Technology and the school being the only totally D-1 independent athletic program in the country.

Earlier this year, NJIT beat 17th ranked at the time Michigan on the road. Obviously it was not a fluke, as the men's basketball team is now 16-11 and having a great season.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 19th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcpsortsmgmt

Jerome Kersey---- The passing yesterday of Jerome Kersey is sad, sad, sad. So many great tributes to him from fans, teammates, coaches, ex-teammates and the NBA family. They have said it all.

Kersey's passing also is another strong sign of just how important the Portland Trail Blazers are to the people of Oregon and SW Washington. If you honor the fans here as Kersey did when he was a player and as person who stayed in the community, they are going to honor you 100 times over.

There is a reason why so many players, some who played very little, often choose to spend the rest of their  life in the community that adored them.

Crawford's NWC/CCC Power Rankings----- It is Thursday, so that means another combo edition of Crawford's Northwest Conference/ Cascade Collegiate Conference men's basketball power rankings.

9. Northwest Christian
8. Puget Sound
7. Lewis and Clark
6. Southern Oregon
5. Warner Pacific
4. Concordia
3. College of Idaho
2. Whitman
1. Whitworth

Cascade Collegiate Conference----The CCC is the best D-2 NAIA men's basketball conference in the country and once again it is having a tremendous race for home seedings in the upcoming 8 team league playoffs.

It appears College of Idaho is in the driver seat to win the regular season title, with a one game lead over Warner Pacific and Concordia. C of I finishes the season at Northwest and Evergreen, two teams they should beat, but you never know.

The race for 2nd through 4th place is going to be exciting with so much on the line. Warner Pacific and Concordia, travel to Oregon Tech and Southern Oregon, very tough places to play on the road.

When we wake up Sunday morning, who knows where a team will be positioned to start the playoffs next week. The one constant, the basketball is great, exciting and so well coached.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 18th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

NBA Attendance----On most Wednesdays, we try and take a look at NBA attendance. As play begins again tomorrow in the NBA, some things never change.

1. Bulls continue to lead the league is average home attendance---- 21,882 per game and that is 104 % of capacity.

2. Both Memphis and Atlanta are having magical seasons, but not at the game. Memphis is 16th in overall attendance with an average crowd of 17, 187, 94% of capacity and the Hawks play before an average of 16,864, 90% of capacity. Very sad figures indeed for two great teams.

3. It is also interesting to note that two teams that are having tough years, New York and Miami, have sold out every game so far, a credit to both of those organizations and great fans.

Kevin Durant--- Today Durant apologized to the media for going off on the media during all-star weekend.  There is no disputing that Kevin Durant has been more confrontational  this year in many areas, which tells me my assessment of the fact Durant, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook will all be Lakers when their contracts allow is more of a possibility than ever.

Crawford's NWAC Power Rankings---It is Wednesday, time for another edition of Crawford's NWAC Sports men's basketball power rankings. These are getting tough, but someone has to do them. Remember, we always do things in 9s, out of the great respect for the game of golf. There is a full slate of NWAC basketball games tonight, you need to be there for sure.

9. Spokane
8. Lower Columbia
7. Clark
6. Columbia Basin
5. Edmonds
4. Big Bend
3. Chemeketa
2. Highline
1. Bellevue

Danny Ferry----On September 12th, Danny Ferry took a leave of absence from his position of general manager of the Atlanta Hawks, over remarks he was attributed too, regarding race.

One of America's most prominent Civil Rights leaders and resident of Atlanta, Andrew Young spoke out today and strongly urged both Ferry and the Hawks to bring him back. Young's endorsement certainly will have a big impact on Ferry' future.

I am pretty sure no one thinks Ferry is a racist. But, what I am not sure of, is he really that good of general manager? Something for everyone to consider. We all say and do the wrong things from time to time, but we all better be good at our jobs, or we are not going to keep them.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 17th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

NWAC Picks---- It is Tuesday and time to pick Crawford's NWAC Sports basketball coach and player of the week.

Coach of the week is Alison Crumb, head women's coach at Peninsula College. Coach Crumb has guided her team this year to a 15-5 overall record, including at present five straight wins and a 9-1 record in league, with their only loss to Bellevue, who is leading the Northern region at 10-0.

Player of the week honors go to Bellevue point guard  Jalen Ward and what a week he had. In 2 games, he scored 50 points, had 11 rebounds, dished out 8 assists, committed only one turnover and helped keep his team undefeated in league play.

Congrats to Coach Crumb and Jalen Ward.

Dick Vitale----By now everyone knows that for the first time since 1979, Dick Vitale will not be calling the Duke-North Carolina game on ESPN tomorrow night.

Dick Vitale has a right to call his own shots on games, he has earned it. Vitale has made college basketball what it is today on TV. As matter of fact, he should be given an Emmy for lifetime achievement.

Yes, at times he can grate on you, but what person in the media, including myself does not from time to time.

What ESPN has done is wrong, too late to correct it, but at least it is never to late to say it is wrong.

NBA--- The league will start up again this Thursday. Do you miss it, or do you like the longest break the league has taken during the all-star break in its history.

It might be great for the players, but they make big money, they need to play. In my opinion this break has been way too long.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 15th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Crawford's Best Nine---The best present nine teams that play basketball in the six D-1 leagues in the western United States.

9. Eastern Washington----Despite a devastating loss to Portland State at home yesterday, they still belong here as they are leading a very strong Big Sky Conference with three weeks to go.

8. UC Davis----Pretty terrific year for the Aggies, only one loss in Big West play and four losses all year long.

7. BYU---Very tough schedule ahead in the West Coast Conference, as they still have to visit Gonzaga and Portland, but playing really good basketball right now.

6. San Diego State----Leading the best basketball conference out west, the Mt. West. with the most underrated coach in college basketball, Steve Fisher.

5. Boise State----Trailing by one game in the Mt. West, a big win over San Diego State last week, had won 8 in row up to last night.

4. New Mexico State---- A dangerous team, that I am certain no one wants to play in the NCAA tournament. They will make it and at present have won 12 of 13 games.

3. Arizona----Leading the Pac-12, everyone is looking way ahead to the February 28th showdown against Utah in Salt Lake City.

2. Utah----What a coaching job by the other Coach K for the Utes. He has turned them into a powerhouse team in short time period and could win the Pac-12 regular season.

1. Gonzaga----I am still counting on the Zags to make the Final Four this season. Must play St. Mary's on the road this week, in what could be their last stumbling block to running the table in the WCC.

Seattle U----By all accounts, Seattle U. head coach Cameron Dollar is a great person and everyone in Seattle really likes him. He does however have lots of pressure right now, one would have to think. It was suppose to be a good year for Seattle U. basketball, it has not been.

At present the team is 11-13 on the season and in the weak WAC Conference, the Redhawks have lost 5 out of their last 6. The Redhawks come home to for three straight to finish the regular season.

Dollar took over at Seattle U in 2009-10, which was his only winning season at the school, which has one of the most iconic histories in college basketball. Since joining the WAC Conference in 2012-13, the Redhawks have gone 12-32 to date in Conference games. Those are not numbers anyone associated with the program likes to see for a team that plays its home games on Baylor Court, named after Elgin Baylor, one of the NBA's top 50 players of all time and star player at Seattle U.

Crawford's NWAC Women's BB Power Rankings---- It is Sunday, so time for another edition of Crawford's NWAC women's basketball power rankings. Big shake up from 4 down this week, as we always do things in 9s out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Walla Walla
8. Centralia
7. Highline
6. Columbia Basin
5. Wenatchee Valley
4. Peninsula
3. Bellevue
2. Lower Columbia
1. Umpqua

Adam Silver----I am always amazed at how much criticism, NBA commissioner Adam Silver gets, all the way down to his looks, which is pathetic to say the least.

Adam Silver deserves a chance to build his own agenda since taking over for David Stern, just over a year past. It is obvious that Silver wants to be more inclusive than Stern, who ran the league with an iron fist, to put it mildly.

If you really listen to Silver, many of his ideas make lots of sense, such as changing the NBA schedule to bring more rest for players and referees, raising the age limit to 20 and legalizing sports betting.

Of course the greatest challenge for Silver will come in 2017, when the NBA will almost certainly face a labor stoppage, as 2017 is the first year that either management or the players union can try to renegotiate the present collective bargaining agreement.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 14th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Happy Valentine's Day

New College Basketball League---- As one of the leading advocates of west coast college basketball, our company, Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management, does not have a dream, it actually has something we would love to see a reality. The odds are stacked against us, but also know one thought we could land on the moon, ever have cell phones or even light bulbs that work.

The same as college basketball everywhere, west coast basketball really needs a boost. So how about a brand new basketball league only. Any leagues want great basketball programs and we would have them. Our 16 team league would have the following teams.

UCLA----Anything on the west coast when it comes to basketball, has to start with UCLA.

UNLV--- A revenue generating machine, ever since Jerry Tarkanian was there, it is a natural.

Arizona--- Best basketball program out west in the last 25 years for sure.

Gonzaga----They have to be included in the mix always, plus a great fan base nationally.

Washington----The Huskies are a must for this new league, as well as we need the Seattle market

Portland State---- We also need the Portland market, with their new arena coming on board a great fit.

Oregon----The flash and dash of the Ducks is a must for us. Plus, one great basketball coach.

Boise State----Great city and great arena, plus a rising basketball program under Leon Rice.

Utah State----Best place on the west coast to watch a game, because of tremendous fans.

BYU----Iconic fan base, so needed for our new league to succeed.

San Diego State-----Great basketball city, great fans and great program under Steve Fisher.

New Mexico----What a great basketball state and a fan base that has been solid years.

New Mexico State---- Same as New Mexico, nothing more needs to be said.

San Francisco---- The history of this program is terrific and we need the Bay Area market

UC Davis----- So much potential in athletics, also brings in the Sacramento mark

Eastern Washington---Might be the surprise of the group, but would be great for the league.

Every great league has rivalries, some we would have to build on, some are long established as you can see below.

UC Davis/San Francisco
UCLA/San Diego State
Portland State/Oregon
Utah State/ BYU
Boise State/Eastern Washington
New Mexico/ New Mexico State

Every college basketball league is also has a great group of people leading the league. So whether they accept or not, here is who we would ask to be in charge of this league. Three as talented of people as you will ever find in sports.

Commissioner----Jon Spoelstra----Jon is the world's greatest sports marketer of all time. He would put people in the seats, he would get us the best TV deal possible and he is as respect a person as anyone in sports. If you have not read Jon's books, you are missing out. Start with "Marketing Outrageously, Redux and go from there.

Director of Officiating---- Terry Durham---- Terry is a natural leader of officials, as his teaching of referees is world renown. Every good league needs great referees and we would have them under Terry. Plus, we would pay every referee $90,000 and sign them to a contract, where they would work exclusively in our league and our league only. They would be fresh each night, with no tired legs.

Directory of Communications---Mike Lund--- There is no better sports information director in the country than Mike Lund. Plus, no one outworks him, he understands the media, he knows how to work with coaches and teams, plus our TV partners would love working with Mike.

In conclusion, every league needs a great name and also great playing dates.  We would play our games on Friday night and Sunday afternoon/ nights. As for a name, how about BEST BASKETBALL CONFERENCE, because we would be.

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings---- It is Saturday, so that means it is time for another edition of the world famous Crawford's NBA power rankings. Enjoy and remember we always do things in 9s, out of the respect for the great game of golf.

9. Oklahoma City
8. San Antonio
7. Dallas
6. Portland
5. Toronto
4. Houston
3. Memphis
2. Atlanta
1. Golden State

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 12th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Seattle----Maybe people in the Puget Sound area should be happy they did not get the Sacramento Kings. You might be able to do better.

As George Karl is poised to take over the coach of the Kings after the all-star break, he will be the 9th Kings coach in the last 10 years. There has not been stability on the Sacramento bench since future hall of famer Rick Adelman was the boss, which now is nearly 15 years past.

It is is shame as well, because Sacramento has great and many passionate basketball fans. And when your best player, DeMarcus Cousins is never happy and per reports, did not want Karl as the new coach, things could get even rougher in Sacramento, although if there is a rock bottom, it might have been reached this year already.

BYU----Good for BYU, extending this past week the contract of men's basketball coach Dave Rose through the 2019-20 season. Hardly anyone notices, but Rose is one great basketball coach. Going into tonight's home game with St. Mary's, in his 10 years at BYU Rose has compiled a record of 250 wins, 86 losses.

But more important in those 10 years, the Cougars have gone to the NCAA tournament 7 times, the NIT twice.

Rose is a terrific person, but his most important accomplishment, is the fact that so far he has beaten pancreatic cancer, which he was diagnosed with several years past.

Crawford's NWC/CCC Power Rankings---- It is Thursday, so that means it is time for another edition of Crawford's combined Northwest Conference/ Cascade Collegiate Conference power rankings. Per usual, we always do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Pacific
8. Lewis and Clark
7. Northwest Christian
6. Southern Oregon
5. Warner Pacific
4. Concordia
3. College of Idaho
2. Whitman
1. Whitworth

Stephen Curry---- Amazingly it has flown under the radar that Curry was the leading vote getter for this year's NBA all-star game at 1.5 million votes. Even more amazing, he bested LeBron James by 42.000 votes.

Curry, if not there, is close to NBA  super star status. He still trails James and Kevin Durant by a large margin in yearly endorsement deals, but with the season Curry's Golden State Warriors are having, Curry's endorsement contracts are about to sky rocket.

Presently LeBron makes $40 million per year from endorsement deals, Durant $13 million and Curry $8 million.

Great charisma, great smile and so articulate, plus being a good golfer makes Curry a home run for any company to get involved with for a long future.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 11th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's NWAC Men's Power Rankings---- It is Wednesday, time for another edition of Crawford's NWAC men's basketball power rankings. Per usual, we always do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Clackamas 14-6, 6-2--- Cougars hit the road to Portland and Southwestern Oregon this week.

8. Clark 14-7, 7-3----Lost a nail biter at home this past week to Lower Columbia, 80-78.

7. Lower Columbia 18-6, 6-2--Host Green River tonight in an important West Region game.

6. Big Bend 18-6, 6-2----Long road trip to Treasure Valley and Blue Mountain this week.

5.  Columbia Basin 13-9, 6-2----- Rivalry game at Wenatchee Valley tonight

4. Highline 17-6, 9-2---- The T-Birds with big  wins over Lower Columbia and Tacoma last week.

3. Chemeketa 16-7, 7-1----Two big home games this week against Mt. Hood and Umpqua.

2. Edmonds 19-4, 7-1----Two road games this week starting with Everett and then to Whatcom.

1. Bellevue 21-2, 8-0----Will attempt to stay perfect in league this week, hosting Olympic and then traveling to Skagit Valley.

Note: Every Sunday we do the NWAC women's power rankings and every Tuesday, NWAC coach and player of the week in basketball.

Reaction---- It was swift, thoughtful, critical and complimentary to my suggestion that the college game go to quarters rather than halves. You can read the whole segment, in the February 10th edition of

What was surprising is how many college basketball coaches on all levels would love to see a quarter system. Most comments were it would be better for the game and allow coaches to implement more strategy, while at the same time keeping with my suggestion that quarters would add more flow to the game.

Consideration of serious rule changes, whether they come from me or not, have to be taken seriously, were are in danger of losing so many young fans when it comes to the game of college basketball.

LeBron---- It there was any doubt that LeBron was running the show in Cleveland, it should be erased from your mind. Each day we hear something new coming out of Cleveland, all involving LeBron. Now I would be the first to admit, the media coverage is sometimes to put it best---- overwhelming---- and way too focused on "getting the story", as compared to what might be the real story.

The most accurate reporting comes from Chris Haynes, so he is great to follow in print and on twitter when it comes to Cleveland Cavalier basketball.

Tinkle/Altman---- This is going to be a huge road trip this week for the Oregon schools as they travel to Los Angeles. For sure, USC and UCLA are beatable, even at home this year in the Pac-12.

While Wayne Tinkle is getting all the headlines and deservingly so for the job he is doing at Oregon State, Dana Altman just sits back and wins games. Altman is one of the most underrated coaches in all of basketball and is great at getting the most out of each and every player.

Talent wise, there is no way the Ducks are a 3rd place team in the Pac-12, but guess what, they are in 3rd place and have lots  to prove this weekend, as do the Beavers.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 10th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

College Game Changes----- The more college basketball games I watch this year, which actually I have seen 130 college basketball games, in person, start to finish, is the fact I am more convinced than ever of one thing that will help the game. Going to 4 quarters------ as compared to the two halves, which has been in college basketball forever.

On many levels, the game has lost its flow and continuity, cause of too many timeouts. A quarter system would alleviated the flow of the game problem and here is how it would work.

4 quarters of 11 minutes, yes I would add 4 minutes to the present game.

each team would be allowed one full timeout per quarter

each team would get two 30 second timeouts in a game, but they must be used in the 2nd and 4th

in between quarters, the time would be 3 minutes, halftime would be cut to 12 minutes from the present 15.

each team would reach the bonus situation upon the 5th foul.

each quarter would stand alone, so the bonus does not carry over and starts new each quarter.

overtime would also stand alone, with each team getting into the bonus upon the 3rd foul.

there would no longer be a double bonus. (free throw shooting on average is so terrible, not having the double bonus might improve things.)

College basketball needs a jolt in the arm and this would give it as such. Don't let anyone fool you, attendance on most levels is down, TV ratings are down and as I have said many times, students are staying away in droves.

I can't save the planet, but perhaps my suggestion can help save college basketball.

Crawford's NWAC Coach And Player Of Week---- Yes, never going change, I love NWAC Sports Basketball. That is exactly why every Wednesday we give you Crawford's NWAC men's power rankings and on Sunday, do the same for the women. Tuesday belongs to one coach and one player.

Crawford's coach of the week is Jeremy Eggers of Bellevue College men's team. The Bulldogs are 21-2 on the season, 8-0 in leading the Northern Region and presently hold a 12 game winning streak, the longest winning  streak of any NWAC  team this year. Bellevue has also held the top spot in Crawford's NWAC men's power rankings, all year long, as they should.

A great side note about Coach Eggers. In 2014, he coached not only the men at Bellevue to the Northern Region championship, but also the women. Unheard of on any level in college basketball.

Player of the week honors go to Highline's Ben Tucakovic. He had as good of a week, as any player in college. In two games, he scored 45 points, grabbed 19 rebounds and went 6 of 10 from the 3-point line. Congrats Ben, you certainly earned Crawford's player of the week honors.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 8th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford----Editor of Greg Crawford On Basketball--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's Best Nine---- The best nine teams, which come out of the six D-1 leagues in the west. Of course this is controversial, but not intended to be. If you have a better list, as always would love to see it and thanks for reading. Per usual, we always do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. UC Davis----Continue to be the toast of the Big West and having a great season overall.

8. Eastern Washington----Great road trip to sweep the Montana schools in the Big Sky and remained tied for league lead.

7. New Mexico State---- One of the best teams in country right now, have won 10 of 11 and will win the WAC regular season title.

6. Oregon---- The Ducks are an underrated team and of course are coached by one of the best in the business, Dana Altman.

5. St. Mary's-----Easily the second best team in the WCC, might be the last chance to stop Gonzaga from running the table in the WCC regular season as they meet on February 28th.

4. San Diego State-----As I wrote about this past week, Steve Fisher would have been one of my top three choices to start a basketball program. The Aztecs have vaulted to the top of the Mt. West, which is the best league overall out west, yes, much better than the Pac-12.

3. Arizona---- A brutal loss to Arizona State over the weekend, but they still will go long way in NCAA tournament.

2. Utah-----Tied of the top of the Pac-12, no surprise, a rising basketball power out west and await a visit from Arizona very soon, to probably settle the Pac-12 regular season title.

1. Gonzaga----DUH? Easiest pick anyone would ever have to make, now Zags have so much to prove in the NCAA tournament, as they have the talent to go to the Final Four.

Dean Smith----With his passing this weekend, it probably sums up how great of  a coach Dean Smith was indeed, by the fact 50 of his players went onto to play in the NBA and many had very long careers, not to forget how many of his players who played in the ABA.

Crawford's NWAC Sports Power Rankings----It is Sunday, so time for another edition of Crawford's NWAC Sports Women's BB power rankings. Per usual, only 9 can make the cut, as we do things in 9s out of the great respect for the game of golf.

9. Clackamas
8. Skagit Valley
7. Wenatchee Valley
6. Peninsula
5. Walla Walla
4. Centralia
3. Bellevue
2. Lower Columbia
1. Umpqua

Coming Soon----Look for a major announcement, right here, coming from Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management regarding the game of basketball. It will be exciting and important.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 7th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford-----TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Chris Paul---- The last thing any woman who has ever been around me or worked with me, would be is to call me a "sexist pig". That never has happened and never will. But I guess after reading all the comments and issues about Chris Paul,  I can do even better.

I often refer to people as he or she, but I guess I have to stop. Look, I neither like or dislike Chris Paul, but I was shocked how many people tried to make his dust up with first year NBA referee Lauren Holtkamp a gender issue.

Paul is not the first player in the NBA to spout off that a referee perhaps should not be here, meaning the NBA and he will not be the last. But way too many, jumped all over the fact he used the word she, when talking about Holtkamp and his disgust about her giving him a technical foul, which Paul felt he didn't deserve.

This got way out of control and I mean way out of control. We all know the Clippers led by Doc Rivers complain all the time, but to make it a gender issue as so many people wanted to do, that was totally unfair to Chris Paul.

And you know what, the NBA agreed with me, as today they announced the standard NBA fine for any player or coach who openly criticizes an NBA referee. Paul was fined $25,000.

Rethinking my position, I am not changing a thing, I do pretty darn good when it comes to gender issues.

Crawford's NBA power rankings----It is Saturday, so once again it is time for Crawford's world famous NBA power rankings. Per usual, we do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. San Antonio
8. Dallas
7. Portland
6. Toronto
5. Houston
4. Cleveland
3. Golden State
2. Memphis
1. Atlanta

And if the NBA finals were to be played today, right now, in my driveway, it would be Cleveland vs Memphis.

Kevin Love---- More and more, I am hearing from my great sources that Kevin Love will not be a Cleveland Cavalier in 2015-16. Of course an NBA championship could change that indeed.

Finally Happening----Yes, big celebration this week from me, with the announcement that in this year's NIT tournament, the NCAA will experiment with a 30 second shot clock, rather than the 35 second clock which has been in basketball since 1993. With less people watching both on TV and in person, the NCAA has to do something to prop up college basketball. This at the very least is a step in the right direction.

Lewis Clark/Pacific---- Tonight at 6:00 PST, there will be a big time showdown game in the Northwest Conference as Pacific travels to Lewis Clark. Playoff spots on the line, as well as two great coaches going at in Tim Cleary and Dinari Foreman. You should attend if you are in the Portland, Oregon area.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 5th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Phil Jackson--- Jackson was quoted this week, saying, "my experiment with the Knicks has fallen flat on its face." Yes it has, with a 10-39 record. What Jackson failed to say is many people in the NBA have been great coaches, but lousy in the front office. As well, many have stunk as coaches and have been great in the front office.

As great as Jackson was a coach, so far it does seem to be transferring into him being great in the front office.

NCAA----ESPN had tremendous ratings for the all the rankings shows they did leading up to the College Football Playoff.

For now the NCAA has said there will not be a shows like football for the college basketball rankings. Probably a poor decision because of the strong interest always for March Madness. Of course CBS and Turner Sports holds the rights to televise March Madness through 2024.

Big Men--- For the most part, Oregon's men basketball has been pretty good for the last 15 years or so. But for some reason, the Ducks never seem to have a great big man. The last person who performed consistently great as a big man for Oregon was Richard Lucas, who played for the Ducks from 1987-91.

That is exactly why everyone needs to keep a close on Jordan Bell, the Ducks' 6-9 freshman out of Long Beach. It probably is not a coincidence that last night the Washington Huskies shot .566 from the floor, as it was the first game this year that Bell has not blocked at least one shot. Bell could leave the school as the Ducks' best big man since Lucas.

Pac-12--- You make the call here, but obvious so many surprises at the bottom of the Pac-12. In a league of 12, here are the bottom six in the Pac-12 and their records going into Thursday night play.

Colorado 4-5
Washington State 4-5
California 3-6
Arizona State 3-6
Washington 3-7
USC 1-8

It is a very weak Pac-12 this year, which probably means only 3 teams make the NCAA tournament.

NWC/CCC Power Rankings---- It is Thursday, so that means another edition of  Crawford's combo Nothwest Conference/ Cascade Collegiate Conference power rankings. Many, many changes this week, but it is totally fair to make the changes, based on the way teams are playing. We always do things in 9s, based on the respect for the great game of golf.

9. Lewis and Clark
8. Puget Sound
7. Pacific (Oregon)
6. Southern Oregon
5. Concordia
4. College of Idaho
3. Whitworth
2. Whitman
1. Warner Pacific

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 4th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- Editor of Greg Crawford On Basketball--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Coaches----- When you write about basketball six days per week, there is so much to cover. As per college basketball, I try most of the time to cover the western half of the United States where I live. So with that said, I often think about who are some terrific coaches out west. It is always an arguable subject, but fun for readers and beyond. So in no order, here are some selections, of which you can add, comment or tell me I am wrong.

Mark Few---  Since he has been at Gonzaga, starting as head coach in 1999, has achieved the best regular season record of any team, on any level in sports. No one can claim 13 out of 14 regulars season titles. Now for greatness, needs to reach a Final Four.

Steve Fisher----- The best coach that hardly anyone talks about in the college game today. Once again, of course it is no surprise, San Diego State is contending for the Mt. West Confernce regular season title and is getting close to being a lock to get into the NCAA tournament.

Randy Bennett---- All you need to say is that the St. Mary's coach is on almost every athletic director's short list, if that AD needs a coach.

Jim Hayford---- Hayford is not a marquee name, but there is a reason Eastern Washington this past summer gave him a long term extension. He made D-3 Whitworth a basketball power, he will make Eastern Washington into one.

Danny Miles--- 44 years at the same school, 3 national champioships and in 2014, became only the second college bb coach at a 4 year school to win 1,000 games.

Three keys that rarely get talked about when it comes to being a  terrific coach, but are a must. 1) You need a great athletic director. 2) You need a college president, who understands the value of athletics to the school. 3) Last, but not least you must play your games in a decent facility, not a dump.

Syracuse----While an ongoing NCAA investigation is in the works, Syracuse has decided to give themselves a self imposed ban for no postseason in 2015. Easy to do when you have an average team.

Crawford's NWAC Men's Power Rankings----It is Wednesday, so time for another Crawford's NWAC men's basketball power rankings. Per usual, we always do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of g

9. Wenatchee Valley 15-7, 4-3----Travel to Spokane for a crucial game that will shake up the Conference standings.

8. Lower Columbia 15-7, 7-2----Jumped into a 3 way tie with Clark and Highline in the West Region.

7. Big Bend 17-6, 5-2----Finished first round with loss to Spokane 78-75 at home.

6. Columbia Basin 12=9, 5-2----Tied for first in the Eastern Region.

5. Highline 15-6, 7-2---- Chance to break a 3 way tie tonight, when they host Lower Columbia.

4. Clark 14-6, 7-2-----Knocked off Highline on the road, only to lose to Green River.

3. Chemeketa 15-7, 6-1-----Took their first league loss to Portland, but still hold a one game lead over Clackamas in the Southern Division.

2. Edmonds 18-4, 6-1----One overtime game separates the Tritons from first in the North.

1. Bellevue 20-2, 7-0---Bulldogs completed a perfect first round in league play.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 3rd, 2015

By Gregory Crawford----Editor of Greg Crawford On Basketbqll----On twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

NWAC Basketball---- I was slow to the party, but everyone knows I love NWAC basketball. There is something special about the games, where some young men and women will often be playing their last organized basketball and in lots of cases these young men and women, are trying to right their life, both as a citizen and with their academics.

It also highlights just how important community colleges are to our society, as many student/athletes in the NWAC, are going to be big time leaders in our country and highly successful.

That is why it is personally really important to me to bring you each Tuesday the NWAC player and coach of the week.

Coach of week honors go to David Stricklin, women's basketball coach of the Umpqua CC Riverhawks. His team is now 19-2 on the season, has won 8 in a row and leads the Southern region of the always tough NWAC South at 6-0.

Player of the week honors go to Samuel Omondi of Edmonds CC. In his team's 2 victories last week, Omondi scored a total of 41 points and grabbed 20 rebounds.

Congrats to both.

Sports Betting---- NBA Commissioner Adam Silver continues his push to get sports betting legalized by recently meeting with several commissioners of other sports on the subject. Of course his biggest political supporter on this issue is Senator John McCain, who recently announced his supports to legalize sports betting in the United States.

I personally do not bet on sports, not going to start. I actually do not know anyone who talks about betting on sports, but this I can tell you, alcohol and drug abuse are far, far more serious issues when it comes to addiction, than sports betting. That is not to minimize any of the 3, which all can lead to serious personal and family issues.

How do you feel about this subject and I know you will let me know in the many ways to express your opinion, when it comes to Greg Crawford On Basketball.

Oregon Ducks----In my home state of Oregon, most of the attention for the 2015-16 season has been the great recruiting class that the Oregon State Beavers will have coming into Corvallis. It is great and easily nationwide a top 25 class.

However, do not sleep on the Oregon Ducks. Dana Altman will have 3 really talented additions from the high school ranks coming in next year, led by just announced commit Tyler Dorsey. Dorsey is a big time player, will have an impact on the Pac-12 immediately and will be a star at Oregon. At 6-4 and having already had many 40 point nights in high school, he appears to fit right in with the constant attacking the basketball style of the Ducks.

This 2015 class also sends a good message coming out of Eugene, that Altman wants to get his good players from the high school ranks, which has been about the only criticism you ever hear about the Oregon coach, when it comes to his work in Eugene.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 1st, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- Editor of Greg Crawford On Basketball--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Crawford's Best Nine----- The best nine teams from the six western leagues that play D-1 basketball. Much different than power rankings, more,  who is playing great and has played great in the moment. Per usual, we always do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Pepperdine----Huge win at St. Mary's yesterday, still 4 league losses, but having a great season.

8. UC Davis----With only one league loss, still the best of the Big West.

7. Eastern Washington---Tremendous comeback win yesterday over Idaho, tied for Big Sky lead.

6. Sacramento State-----Must get by Portland State on the 7th, then a big showdown could loom with Eastern Washington on Feb. 12th.

5. San Diego State-----Very rarely out of Crawford's best nine, Steve Fisher, one great coach.

4. Colorado State---- Big game on Wednesday at Wyoming, to tie for Mt. West lead.

3. Wyoming-----Continue to be one of the best surprises in all of college basketball, leading the brutally tough Mt. West Conference.

2. Arizona----In a weak year for the Pac-12, without question they are the best team in the league

1. Gonzaga----What can you say, they just keep rolling, still my pick to make Final Four.

Crawford's NWAC Women's Power Rankings----It is Sunday, so another edition of Crawford's NWAC Sports power rankings. Per usual, everything is in 9s, out of respect for great game of golf.
NWAC women's basketball is really good, as evidenced by these power rankings.

9. Skagit Valley
8. Columbia Basin
7. Lane
6. Highline
5. Walla Walla
4. Centralia
3. Bellevue
2. Lower Columbia
1. Umpqua

Cascade Collegiate Conference--- In the best men's NAIA basketball conference in the country, it was another wild weekend of action. In the end, Warner Pacific, College of Idaho and Concordia are atop the league, each having 3 losses. One game back is Southern Oregon.

Warner Pacific had the best weekend of any team in the league, as they defeated on their homecourt, both Eastern Oregon and College of Idaho. The #3 nationally ranked C of I won a big game on Friday night at #11 Concordia, but could not back that up on Saturday at Warner Pacific, losing to the Knights by 19 points.

It is going to be a great race to the finish in this wonderful conference, with playoff positions on the line right up to the final games, as 8 of the league's 10 teams make the playoffs. If you have not seen a game in this league, you really should.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 31st, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings----It is Saturday, so time for another edition of Crawford's NBA power rankings and Greg Crawford On Basketball has the best power rankings for both college teams and the NBA in the world. Per usual we things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Portland----Still one of the best teams in the NBA, but fading a little under what is tough schedule.

8. Washington---- One of the best surprises in the NBA this year.

7. Clippers--- Deserve to be here, but need to be more consistent.

6. Houston--- The Rockets in the last 20 years always seem to have good teams.

5. Cleveland---- 8 wins in row, funny how the talk of firing Dave Blatt has disappeared.

4. Toronto---- No one is paying attention to the Raptors, but you better, they will be tough out in playoffs

3. Golden State----Had a slight reality check this past week, but still really good.

2. Memphis----Been a consistent team and strong team all year long.

1. Atlanta----Crawford's power rankings would be a joke if it did not have a team that has won 18 in a row on top.

Small College Hoops---- Last night I saw my 114th college basketball game, start to finish, live. It was significant, as I can say after watching College of Idaho defeat a really good Concordia team on their home floor, the Yotes are the best small college basketball team I have seen this year.

College of Idaho is coached by Scott Garson, who prior to coming to College of Idaho served as an assistant for many years at UCLA under Ben Howland. Obviously if you work under Howland you are a good basketball coach and Garson is one of the best young coaches in the country. The big question, will C of I be able to keep him in Caldwell, where his team has a 29 game home court winning streak and plays before sellout crowds of 2,400 almost every game.

The Weekend---- As I say often, it is Saturday, so just get out and see a college basketball. On any level, there is nothing like seeing a game live. I strongly recommend you take in an NWAC Sports game, for schedule you can go to their website.

NBA Draft---- Starting tomorrow and every Sunday up to the NBA Draft we will give you plenty of information on players you might be seeing down the road in the NBA or playing professional basketball.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 30th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford----editor of Greg Crawford On Basketball---- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Stuff--- The items below use to mean something in both college and professional basketball, now they do not mean as much, or very little or even nothing.

..... It use to be that 20 wins would get you at least to the bubble in the NCAA tournament, not anymore. If you are not an automatic qualifier, anymore to get to the Big Dance you better have at least 25 wins.

........ Averaging one steal per game in both the NBA and College games was pretty good. Nowadays, a 3rd grader could steal the ball or a pass from many players, the way the skill level has dropped in dribbling and passing.

......... Five year contracts. If you are an NBA general manager or an athletic director, you probably should not give anyone a five year contract, cause the patience level for not winning has risen dramatically just in the last five years and in most cases unfairly.

......... One or two assistant coaches, yes, remember those days. Jack Ramsay won the NBA Championship in 1977 with one assistant coach, Jack McKinney. In today's game on all levels, often times there will be more coaches on the bench than substitutes. It is over abundance in its finest.

......... 10 seconds means nothing in the college game. That is the allotted time it takes to get the ball across mid court by the offensive team. The rule is pathetic, a team can call timeout after spending 9 seconds in the backcourt and come back out and get a fresh 10 seconds. We all know the great solution, the offensive team should not be able to call timeout in the backcourt.

......... 1,000 wins means nothing. Well at least for Danny Miles at Oregon Tech. Once again, it is criminal that Miles is not the Basketball Hall of Fame. 1.000 wins in the college game should be an automatic qualifier.

.......... Students. So many college games, where there are very few students that show up, if any. Kind of sad, but if you want students, you better feed them and have your social media technology in order.

........Great Centers. Where has the center gone in basketball. No longer is the center an integral part of the game for the most part, let alone it is almost impossible to see a good 7-footer play the game anymore.

Please feel free to add what you think has disappeared from basketball.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 29th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Atlanta Hawks----What a season for the Atlanta, as last night they won there 17th straight game and 38th win of the season, which is only one win away from their entire victory total in 2013-14.

In another big move for the Hawks, in up to date attendance figures, they moved up one spot to rank 21st in the entire NBA in attendance, averaging just over 16,500 fans per game. In all of sports there more than likely has never been a team that has done so well overall on the field or court, had such a great win streak and still can't attract large crowds to their games.

So far this year, the Hawks at home have played to 88 percent capacity of their arena. Can anyone be serious about keeping this team in Atlanta?

Portland State/Montana----Tonight, at the Stott Center in Portland, Oregon, Montana will come to  town for their annual visit to the Rose City. (Well I guess I should be careful using the word annual, since the Big Sky plays an unbalanced schedule and we might not see Montana here next year, as Portland State this year does not travel to the Montana schools.)

With all that said, Montana usually is a huge draw at the Stott Center, tonight's game has a very good chance of selling out. I also think it is safe to say, despite the fact many people think Eastern Washington is the big rival for Portland State, in men's basketball without question the biggest rival is Montana.

Since Portland State brought D-1 basketball back in 1996, the Grizzlies and Vikings have played some tremendous games against each other, but none greater than last year's terrific 3-overtime game won by Portland State.

Another words, get there early tonight.

Crawford's NWC/CCC Combo Power Rankings---- It is Thursday, so that means another edition of Crawford's combo power rankings for the Northwest Conference and Cascade Collegiate Conference. Both these leagues play great basketball and both leagues have many long time coaches, who are terrific at what they do. Out of respect for the great game of golf, we always do things in 9s.

9. Puget Sound
8. Northwest Christian
7. Whitman
6. Warner Pacific
5. Southern Oregon
4. Lewis and Clark
3. Concordia
2. College of Idaho
1. Whitworth

Big time match up tomorrow night, as College of Idaho visits Concordia, 7:00 tip.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 28th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Pac-12---- Even though many of us would like for this to different, the Pac-12 for sure is not as strong as the past couple of years in men's basketball.

Yes, Arizona is pretty darn good, but when you think about it, they are also vulnerable to being beaten as they showed at Oregon State earlier this month.

The bottom half of the league is pretty anemic with the likes of USC and California, with the Bears showing lots of promise in December games, but certainly folding to 1-6 so far in January.

Then throw in the fact that Washington, Colorado and UCLA are just average so far, it really makes for a weak Pac-12.

With all the glitz and glamour, I have often thought Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott should figure out a way for the Pac-12 men's basketball teams to stand out nationally. Despite the fact the league will argue they do, they do not.

With TV perhaps now the biggest part of college basketball, my suggestion would for the Pac-12 to play one game each Monday night, 6:00 pm and work it out with some network, saying we own the world on that night.

Coaching--- It is really nice to see two great people who care much more than just coaching basketball, having great years coaching basketball. Tom Crean at Indiana and Mark Turgeon at Maryland both have teams have played great basketball in the Big Ten and good for them, you could not ask for nicer human beings.

Gregg Marshall---- I first saw Gregg Marshall coach a game live in Portland, Oregon when he brought his  Winthrop team into play at U of Portland. I went on the radio the next day and said I saw a guy coach last night that I feel will be a major star someday in the coaching ranks.

Sometimes you get things right, sometimes wrong. On Marshall, I hit a home run. Marshall's present team, Wichita State is once again having a banner year at 18-2 and once again is a threat to go a long way in the NCAA tournament.

It is now obvious Gregg Marshall could coach the Washington Generals and win. I am really hoping Marshall will not succumb to the many offers he will get from the NBA. He is a college guy who has what it takes and always will be.

Yes, if I had one choice of a coach today to start a men's basketball program, it would be Coach Marshall.

Crawford's NWAC Men's Power Rankings-----It is Wednesday, so it is once again time for Crawford's NWAC men's basketball power rankings, out in afternoon before a nearly full slate of NWAC games on Wednesday night. Per usual, we do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Wenatchee Valley 14-6, -3-2--- Tough road losses this past week at Treasure Valley and Blue Mountain.

8. Everett 13-7, 4-1--- Tied for second in league, chance to move into first Saturday, when they host Bellevue.

7. Clark 13-5, 6-1---- 5 game win streak put to the test tonight at Highline.

6. Big Bend 16-5, 4-1--- Big game tonight at Wenatchee Valley.

5. Columbia Basin 11-8, 4-1----Two big road wins last week put Columbia Basin into a tie for 1st in East.

4. Highline 14-5, 6-1--- Host Clark tonight in battle for first in the West.

3. Chemeketa 14-6, 5-0--- 8 wins in a row for the Storm.

2. Edmonds 16-4, 4-1----Remain in 2nd spot in power rankings after overtime loss to Bellevue.

1. Bellevue 18-2, 5-0----Wins over Edmonds and Peninsula push their win streak to 9 games.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 27th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Robert Upshaw---- The case of Robert Upshaw being dismissed from the Washington Huskies basketball team, is just another example of an all so talented athlete not being able to take control of his life and perhaps his future.

It has been reported that Upshaw was dismissed from the Huskies for a violation of team rules, which has been reported as a failed drug test, of which Upshaw had the same issues and problems at Fresno State, before transferring to Washington.

If you have watched the 7-footer play, it is pretty easy to recognize he is one of the most talented players on the west coast and is true, old school shot blocker, averaging 4.4 blocks ppg. with his time up to his dismissal Monday from the Huskies.

A waste of true talent, but perhaps the future can be brighter for Upshaw, in life first, then basketball.

NBA----It truly has been an exciting year in the NBA as always, here is a little catching up from Greg Crawford On Basketball.

......... Is TNT really thinking about taking Charles Barkley out of the studio, or is he thinking of ending his TV stint himself. I have news for the world, people do not tune into the studio show for Shaq, Ernie or Kenny, they tune in for Chuck.

--------Speaking of announcing, it is becoming more and more apparent that Kevin Harlan, who usually does one of the TNT games on Thursday night, might be the best play by play announcer in sports. He is terrific on basketball and if you have not heard him calling NFL games on radio, you are missing a real treat. By the way, he will be calling the Super Bowl on Westwood One, this Sunday. He is as good as it gets.

......... It is kind of surprising that the richest franchise in the NBA, could not keep a great team on the court. The Lakers are horrible, they probably will be back, but it is going to take awhile. They failed to keep developing young players, while adding pieces to the puzzle that just did not fit.

........It seems as if every NBA city gets a new arena about every 25 years for the most part, or at least a renovation. Now, the common thinking seems to be shifting that each team needs to either renovate or get a new arena every 15 years or sooner. The reason, fans want an experience, not just a place to watch the game. You can obviously never leave your house to get more than enough college and NBA basketball. The college game is finding out, unless they make major changes, they will continue to see attendance decline at staggering levels. The NBA can't let it happen to them.

NWAC Sports Coach/Player Of Week---- Each Tuesday, in Greg Crawford On Basketball, we pick a player and coach of the week. It is always hard, but always fun. NWAC Sports women's and men's basketball is terrific, get out and see a game, I am sure you will go back often.

Coach Of Week----This week's choice is Chad Meadors, Lower Columbia women's basketball coach. His team at present is riding a 7 game winning streak, all league wins and leads the NWAC Sports West Division. Lower Columbia had a huge win last weekend, defeating previously unbeaten in league play Centralia.

Player of the week honor goes to Columbia Basin's James Lopez as he led his team to two victories, getting them into a time with Big Bend for the top spot in the East region. Lopez in the two victories had  62 points, 10 rebounds and 16 assists.

Greg Crawford On Basketball says congrats to Chad Meadors and James Lopez.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 25th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Hall Of Fame---- Is this really fair. Today, Coach K will probably get his 1,000th win as a college basketball coach. Coach K entered the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001. Herb Magee is the coach at D-2 Philadelphia University (formerly known as Philadelphia Textile) for 47 years as the head coach and 56 years at the school. Magee entered the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011 and at present has 997 career wins.

Danny Miles has been the head men's basketball coach at Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls, Oregon for 44 years. In February of 2014, Miles won his 1,000th game, up to date he has 1,016 career wins, all at Oregon Tech. Oh by the way, Danny Miles is not in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Bottom line, huge omission that Miles has been left in the dust.

Oregon State---- There is no question that the Oregon State Beavers' men's basketball team is having a magical season, led by their 1st year head coach Wayne Tinkle. Heading to the Desert this week to meet ASU and Arizona State, the Beavers are tied for 3rd in the Pac-12, with 14 total wins on the season.

The Beavers have not been to the NCAA tournament since 1990, so the talk is starting is this the year. As much as all of basketball would love to see it, it probably will not happen. Besides this week in the Desert on the road, the Beavers still must play the L.A. schools on the road as well as Stanford and Cal.

My handicapping the schedule has Oregon State finishing the regular season with a record of 18-12. Now, a great run in the Pac-12 tourney and me being wrong, could change things lots and make the Beavers a bubble team for the NCAA tournament.

Crawford's NWAC Sports Women's Power Rankings-----It is Sunday, so that means another edition of Crawford's NWAC Sports Women's Power Rankings. Hard to do, but lots of fun, so many good teams. Of course per usual, we do everything in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Clark
8. Walla Walla
7. Centralia
6. Lane
5. Skagit Valley
4. Bellevue
3. Columbia Basin
2. Lower Columbia
1. Umpqua

Unbalanced Is Out Of Balance---- There is a guarantee from Greg Crawford On Basketball. I will never stop complaining, arguing and adamant about leagues playing unbalanced schedules. Of course covering the West in college basketball, the two biggest villains for me are the Pac-12 and Big Sky.

This I can tell you, with TV every year playing a larger role in college basketball, do viewers really want to see some of those horrid non-league games, as compared to a great league contest.

Let's take my home state of Oregon as an example. This year, in the Pac-12 Oregon Ducks do not have to travel to Utah and Colorado, but do not get to meet Stanford and California at home.

Portland State of the Big Sky does not travel to meet the Montana schools and does not get to play Idaho State and Weber State at home.

An unbalanced schedule is just flat unfair and quite frankly their should be an asterisk put by the regular season champion of any league that plays an unbalanced schedule. As they would say in boxing, that team is a closet champion, not their fault, but certainly the fault of leagues that want this type of unbalanced schedule.

Crawford's Best Nine----It is Sunday still, so it is time for another edition of Crawford's world famous Best Nine. The best nine, from the six D-1 leagues out west. This is fluid each week, lots of changes, but a good indicator of who is playing well during the season and currently.

9. St. Mary's 8-1, 16-4----Crushed by Gonzaga, but still deserve to be in the picture of Crawford's Best Nine.

8. Utah 5-1, 15-3---- Best Utah men's basketball season in many years

7. Sacamento State 7-1, 13-6---- The surprise team of west coast basketball.

6. Stanford 5-2, 14-5---- Johnny Dawkins finally has the Cardinal where they need to be.

5. Oregon State 5-2, 14-5----Wayne Tinkle has to be in the talk for national coach of the year.

4. Colorado State 5-2, 18-2---- The Rams are really good and will be a tough out in NCAA tournament.

3. Wyoming 6-1, 17-3---- Best team in the country, no one is talking about.

2. Arizona 6-1, 18-2----Only Pac-12 loss, to Oregon State on the road

1. Gonzaga 9-0, 20-1---- 37 straight home wins, destroyed their closest WCC competition St. Mary's and my pick to be in the Final Four this year.

Cascade Collegiate Conference---- In my hometown of Portland, Oregon, there will be a big time match-up, this Friday in the best NAIA men's basketball conference in the country. College of Idaho visits Concordia, both teams nationally ranked and tied for the league lead.

Two outstanding coaches in Brad Barbarick and Scott Garson, it is a game if you are in the area, you should attend.

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