Saturday, February 7, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 7th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford-----TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Chris Paul---- The last thing any woman who has ever been around me or worked with me, would be is to call me a "sexist pig". That never has happened and never will. But I guess after reading all the comments and issues about Chris Paul,  I can do even better.

I often refer to people as he or she, but I guess I have to stop. Look, I neither like or dislike Chris Paul, but I was shocked how many people tried to make his dust up with first year NBA referee Lauren Holtkamp a gender issue.

Paul is not the first player in the NBA to spout off that a referee perhaps should not be here, meaning the NBA and he will not be the last. But way too many, jumped all over the fact he used the word she, when talking about Holtkamp and his disgust about her giving him a technical foul, which Paul felt he didn't deserve.

This got way out of control and I mean way out of control. We all know the Clippers led by Doc Rivers complain all the time, but to make it a gender issue as so many people wanted to do, that was totally unfair to Chris Paul.

And you know what, the NBA agreed with me, as today they announced the standard NBA fine for any player or coach who openly criticizes an NBA referee. Paul was fined $25,000.

Rethinking my position, I am not changing a thing, I do pretty darn good when it comes to gender issues.

Crawford's NBA power rankings----It is Saturday, so once again it is time for Crawford's world famous NBA power rankings. Per usual, we do things in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. San Antonio
8. Dallas
7. Portland
6. Toronto
5. Houston
4. Cleveland
3. Golden State
2. Memphis
1. Atlanta

And if the NBA finals were to be played today, right now, in my driveway, it would be Cleveland vs Memphis.

Kevin Love---- More and more, I am hearing from my great sources that Kevin Love will not be a Cleveland Cavalier in 2015-16. Of course an NBA championship could change that indeed.

Finally Happening----Yes, big celebration this week from me, with the announcement that in this year's NIT tournament, the NCAA will experiment with a 30 second shot clock, rather than the 35 second clock which has been in basketball since 1993. With less people watching both on TV and in person, the NCAA has to do something to prop up college basketball. This at the very least is a step in the right direction.

Lewis Clark/Pacific---- Tonight at 6:00 PST, there will be a big time showdown game in the Northwest Conference as Pacific travels to Lewis Clark. Playoff spots on the line, as well as two great coaches going at in Tim Cleary and Dinari Foreman. You should attend if you are in the Portland, Oregon area.

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