Saturday, February 21, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 21st, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---- @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings---- As always you get the most famous and accurate basketball power rankings, with Greg Crawford On Basketball. It is Saturday, so that means NBA power rankings, big shake up and as always we do things in 9s, out of the great respect for the game of golf.

9. Milwaukee
8. Dallas
7. Clippers
6. Oklahoma City
5. Cleveland
4. Atlanta
3. Memphis
2. Toronto
1. Golden State

It is going to be a great March and April in the NBA, with so many battles for playoff spots in both Conferences.

Kyle Wiltjer---- Sometimes D-1 college basketball players transfer for all the wrong reasons. In the case of Kyle Wiltjer, who tranferred from Kentucky to Gonzaga, it was a brilliant move. A move I might add that was totally supported by Kentucky coach John Calipari.

Never mind the fact Wiltjer scored 45 on Pacific Thursday night. He has become a West Coast Conference star indeed and part of that reason, Wiltjer has become a power player down low, with his scoring and rebounding.

His Zags are 26-1, heading to a huge game tonight at St. Mary's, which almost certainly will be the last hurdle for the 15-0 Zags to running the table in the WCC, as them come home next week to meet BYU and San Diego, two teams they should beat at home for sure.

Wiltjer almost certainly this year would have been to the NCAA Final Four had he stayed at Kentucky, but he has a great chance this year of going to a Final Four with Gonzaga, plus being on the floor in the Final Four, something that would have been tougher with the Wildcats.

NBA Draft--- Starting next Friday and every Friday in Greg Crawford On Basketball, we will be giving you in-depth coverage of the 2015 NBA Draft. No, we do not do mock drafts until the day before draft day, but instead we tell you about many players to watch and our own personal evaluation.

State of Oregon--- Never can forget my home state of Oregon and the great basketball games that will take place today.

Oregon State hosting Colorado
Portland State hosting Northern Colorado, with huge playoff implications on the line
A host of NWAC Sports games, including Umpqua visitig Clackamas CC in a key game.
Cascade Collegiate Conference, so much riding on their final day of regular season.
Northwest Conference, with the headliner, Pacific at Willamette, final playoff spot up for grabs

NJIT---- Today in (golf and sport biz, 365 days per year), I talked about New Jersey Institute of Technology and the school being the only totally D-1 independent athletic program in the country.

Earlier this year, NJIT beat 17th ranked at the time Michigan on the road. Obviously it was not a fluke, as the men's basketball team is now 16-11 and having a great season.

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