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Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 28th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings----It is Saturday, so that means another edition of Crawford's world famous NBA power rankings. Always done in 9s, out of respect for the great game of golf.

9. Clippers
8. Toronto
7. Chicago
6. Portland
5. Memphis
4. Cleveland
3. Houston
2. Atlanta
1. Golden State

BYU--- The Cougars were in my hometown of Portland, Oregon this past week to play the U of Portland Pilots, in which they won the game 82-69.

It was a good chance for me to talk with many BYU people and ask them a question which is often brought up, "Is BYU committed to the West Coast Conference?"

Now for sure I could be told anything, but people I seek out are usually very honest and candid. To a person, they all told me that BYU loves being in the West Coast Conference and they plan is to stay for a long time.

Of course the talk is always generated by the fact the West Coast Conference is not a football league and BYU football is big time and now plays as an independent.

My analysis is that in all sports but football, BYU is going nowhere, which is great for the WCC.

Oregon Ducks--- Big question around the state of Oregon is will the Ducks make the NCAA tournament. With a huge match-up on Sunday at Stanford and then a tough road contest at Oregon State on Wednesday night, my feeling is that the Ducks have to win both of those games to make the NCAA tournament. Sitting at 21 wins right now, there just is not enough quality wins for Oregon at present, to make them a lock. If they do not win the Pac-12 tournament, I think they have to get to 24 wins to get in.

Crawford's NBA Bottom Power Rankings----Sports should be fun, so I am expanding my NBA power rankings to give you the worst nine teams in the league. Per usual, once again, we do things in 9s.

9. Boston
8. Detroit
7. Denver
6. Orlando
5. Sacramento
4. Lakers
3. Philadelphia
2. Minnesota
1. New York----Yes, sadly the Knicks per my power rankings, are without question the worst team in the league.

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