Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 24th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- On twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Court Storming----How do you stop it. I am really not sure, but I am sure someone will get seriously hurt and I have thought that long before the major bad incident last night in the Kansas State-Kansas game.

Like everything else it will take someone to get seriously hurt, before some major solutions come into play. While I am on this rant, once again let's do away with the after game handshake line in college and high school basketball. Quit crying about sportsmanship and start thinking about how many incidents take place after games. There are many more than you think. Finally, I have not talked to one coach that disagrees with me on the after game handshakes.

Cascade Collegiate Conference---- My second favorite college basketball conference right behind the NWAC Sports has some key playoff games tomorrow night, all local starting times of 7:00 pm. So how about a few score predictions and I am going completely with the chalk.

Oregon Tech 83 @ College of Idaho 102
Corban 59 @ Warner Pacific 64
Eastern Oregon 93 @Concordia 99
Northwest Christian 78 @ Southern Oregon 79

Derrick Rose--- So sad to see this terrific player hurt again and probably out for the season, with another knee injury for the Chicago Bulls.

It will be Rose's 3rd knee surgery in 3 years and one can only hope he will come back healthy.

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