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Greg Crawford On Basketball, For February 14th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Happy Valentine's Day

New College Basketball League---- As one of the leading advocates of west coast college basketball, our company, Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management, does not have a dream, it actually has something we would love to see a reality. The odds are stacked against us, but also know one thought we could land on the moon, ever have cell phones or even light bulbs that work.

The same as college basketball everywhere, west coast basketball really needs a boost. So how about a brand new basketball league only. Any leagues want great basketball programs and we would have them. Our 16 team league would have the following teams.

UCLA----Anything on the west coast when it comes to basketball, has to start with UCLA.

UNLV--- A revenue generating machine, ever since Jerry Tarkanian was there, it is a natural.

Arizona--- Best basketball program out west in the last 25 years for sure.

Gonzaga----They have to be included in the mix always, plus a great fan base nationally.

Washington----The Huskies are a must for this new league, as well as we need the Seattle market

Portland State---- We also need the Portland market, with their new arena coming on board a great fit.

Oregon----The flash and dash of the Ducks is a must for us. Plus, one great basketball coach.

Boise State----Great city and great arena, plus a rising basketball program under Leon Rice.

Utah State----Best place on the west coast to watch a game, because of tremendous fans.

BYU----Iconic fan base, so needed for our new league to succeed.

San Diego State-----Great basketball city, great fans and great program under Steve Fisher.

New Mexico----What a great basketball state and a fan base that has been solid years.

New Mexico State---- Same as New Mexico, nothing more needs to be said.

San Francisco---- The history of this program is terrific and we need the Bay Area market

UC Davis----- So much potential in athletics, also brings in the Sacramento mark

Eastern Washington---Might be the surprise of the group, but would be great for the league.

Every great league has rivalries, some we would have to build on, some are long established as you can see below.

UC Davis/San Francisco
UCLA/San Diego State
Portland State/Oregon
Utah State/ BYU
Boise State/Eastern Washington
New Mexico/ New Mexico State

Every college basketball league is also has a great group of people leading the league. So whether they accept or not, here is who we would ask to be in charge of this league. Three as talented of people as you will ever find in sports.

Commissioner----Jon Spoelstra----Jon is the world's greatest sports marketer of all time. He would put people in the seats, he would get us the best TV deal possible and he is as respect a person as anyone in sports. If you have not read Jon's books, you are missing out. Start with "Marketing Outrageously, Redux and go from there.

Director of Officiating---- Terry Durham---- Terry is a natural leader of officials, as his teaching of referees is world renown. Every good league needs great referees and we would have them under Terry. Plus, we would pay every referee $90,000 and sign them to a contract, where they would work exclusively in our league and our league only. They would be fresh each night, with no tired legs.

Directory of Communications---Mike Lund--- There is no better sports information director in the country than Mike Lund. Plus, no one outworks him, he understands the media, he knows how to work with coaches and teams, plus our TV partners would love working with Mike.

In conclusion, every league needs a great name and also great playing dates.  We would play our games on Friday night and Sunday afternoon/ nights. As for a name, how about BEST BASKETBALL CONFERENCE, because we would be.

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings---- It is Saturday, so that means it is time for another edition of the world famous Crawford's NBA power rankings. Enjoy and remember we always do things in 9s, out of the respect for the great game of golf.

9. Oklahoma City
8. San Antonio
7. Dallas
6. Portland
5. Toronto
4. Houston
3. Memphis
2. Atlanta
1. Golden State

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