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Greg Crawford On Basketball, For March 22nd, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analysis --- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Pac-12---- Going into Oregon's game tonight with Wisconsin, the Pac-12 is 7-0 so far in the NCAA tournament. Remarkable, considering it was down year for the league, with not that many good teams and some horrible games during the season.

Anything can happen once tournament time comes and it has for the Pac-12. Not only was it a poor basketball regular season for the Pac-12, but for the third year a row attendance declined overall. Oregon which has a great coach, an exciting up-tempo team, had their attendance dip nearly a 1,000 per game from the 2013-14 season, with an average this year of just over 6,200.

Portland, Oregon----Portland has a hosted an opening round weekend now for the third time in six years. This year attendance was down from 2012, surprising considering in the field were Arizona, Ohio State and Utah all who travel well and have for years. The field also included Eastern Washington, a five hour car trip to Portland from their home of Cheney, Washington.

Many in Portland are clamoring for a regional the next time around, but to have the 2nd and 3rd round games is not all that bad, as you get 8 teams as compared to 4 and two more games.

All indications from the powers that be are that Portland will continue to be in the rotation for NCAA tournament games and might very well be hosting a regional in 2019.

TV----Overall so far in the NCAA tournament, attendance is down slightly going into the round of Sunday games.

No one seems to mention it, but with actual TVs becoming so much more high tech, it gets easier and easier to stay home. Of course,  nothing beats being at a sporting event live, but as the United States population ages and more people are living much longer, TV has become a great option.

Evidence of this is the record ratings which came in Thursday from the tournament games, overall up 16 percent from last year and the 9:00-1:30 PDT time frame being up 24 percent from 2014 and the highest number of viewers in 25 years.

NBA Attendance----Always interesting to follow the NBA attendance figures. The largest arena in the league is in Chicago, seating 21, 244. The Bulls have sold out every game this year, as have  Cleveland, Dallas, Knicks, Miami, Warriors, Clippers, San Antonio, Houston and Oklahoma City.

No NBA team has played to full capacity this year on the road, as expected the Cavaliers being the highest percentage of 99 percent of capacity.

At home, the Detroit Pistons have the lowest percentage, playing before 68.7 capacity this year. Really surprising, as these teams are having great seasons, but do not even come close to capacity at home are Washington (89 percent), Atlanta (91 percent) and Memphis (95 percent).

The question once again begs with Atlanta being for sale, having a great year on the court and playing to less than capacity, does the team deserve to stay in Atlanta?

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