Friday, January 30, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 30th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford----editor of Greg Crawford On Basketball---- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Stuff--- The items below use to mean something in both college and professional basketball, now they do not mean as much, or very little or even nothing.

..... It use to be that 20 wins would get you at least to the bubble in the NCAA tournament, not anymore. If you are not an automatic qualifier, anymore to get to the Big Dance you better have at least 25 wins.

........ Averaging one steal per game in both the NBA and College games was pretty good. Nowadays, a 3rd grader could steal the ball or a pass from many players, the way the skill level has dropped in dribbling and passing.

......... Five year contracts. If you are an NBA general manager or an athletic director, you probably should not give anyone a five year contract, cause the patience level for not winning has risen dramatically just in the last five years and in most cases unfairly.

......... One or two assistant coaches, yes, remember those days. Jack Ramsay won the NBA Championship in 1977 with one assistant coach, Jack McKinney. In today's game on all levels, often times there will be more coaches on the bench than substitutes. It is over abundance in its finest.

......... 10 seconds means nothing in the college game. That is the allotted time it takes to get the ball across mid court by the offensive team. The rule is pathetic, a team can call timeout after spending 9 seconds in the backcourt and come back out and get a fresh 10 seconds. We all know the great solution, the offensive team should not be able to call timeout in the backcourt.

......... 1,000 wins means nothing. Well at least for Danny Miles at Oregon Tech. Once again, it is criminal that Miles is not the Basketball Hall of Fame. 1.000 wins in the college game should be an automatic qualifier.

.......... Students. So many college games, where there are very few students that show up, if any. Kind of sad, but if you want students, you better feed them and have your social media technology in order.

........Great Centers. Where has the center gone in basketball. No longer is the center an integral part of the game for the most part, let alone it is almost impossible to see a good 7-footer play the game anymore.

Please feel free to add what you think has disappeared from basketball.

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