Friday, January 16, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 16th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

4 Quarters---- After this weekend is over, I will have seen 95 college basketball games in 2014-15 live, start to finish. Out of that has come a strong conviction, that college basketball needs to get away from halves and go to four 10 minute quarters. It would improve the flow of game which is greatly needed and it would take away so many timeouts which are ruining the game.

Here is how it should be played. One media timeout per quarter, 3 30 second timeouts per game for each team, of which you can only use one of those 30s in the first two quarters. As for when a team gets into the bonus. That would be at the 5th foul and it would start clean with each quarter. No more double bonus, as teams can't shoot free throws anyway anymore, so why bother.

This would work.

LeBron--- It is not Monday morning quarterbacking, but let's face facts. LeBron should have stayed in Miami, where he would have won multiple titles, with the infrastructure of Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra in place. Cleveland is a mess, plus there is a very good chance Kevin Love will leave after this season and Love is a much better player than anyone will ever give him credit for, or has.

Ernie Kent----The guy can coach, yes he can coach. Yes, it is early, but so what, the Washington State Cougars are tied for 2nd in Pac-12 men's basketball, after the dramatic win last night over Kent's former team, Oregon. No one at this juncture of the season had Kent doing anything even close to what the Cougars have accomplished.

I said it at the time and am saying it now, Oregon never should have gotten rid of Ernie, despite the fact Dana Altman is a terrific coach and will be for sometime to come.

Eastern Washington--- Who would have thought that the two best D-1 teams in the Pacific Northwest at present would be only 16 miles apart. Of course, Gonzaga is the best, but right behind them is Big Sky member Eastern Washington.

The Eagles are a deep team, at present they have sole possession of first place,  with so much offensive punch, they really have to be the favorites to win the Big Sky regular season championship, under coach Jim Hayford. Fun to watch and fun to see a good team in Cheney.

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