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Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 24th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kssportsmgmt

Coaches vs. cancer----- In most parts of the country, this is the annual weekend for college basketball coaches ditch their dress shoes and don sneakers, to bring attention to their support to fight cancer. A noble cause and as someone who works in the cancer unit of a major hospital, I applaud anyone who joins the battle against this dreaded disease.

Of course cancer hits the patient the hardest, both mentally and physically, but it also hammers patients' families, relatives and friends, who often become the caregiver in tough times. It is never easy.

So today, I not only salute everyone above, but I also want to send a messages to all college basketball coaches. Besides this weekend, I would hope you join a movement, I started. Never, ever again capitalize cancer, it does not deserve it, it is a chance for many people including coaches to send a strong message, as simple as it might be.

Crawford's NBA Power Rankings---- It is Saturday, so time for another edition of the ever popular Crawford's NBA power rankings. Very hard to do, but also so much fun and even more difficult since I always do things in 9s, out of the respect for the great game of golf.

9. Toronto
8. Dallas
7. Chicago
6. Houston
5. Washington
4. Memphis
3. Clippers
2. Golden State
1. Atlanta

Yes, the Hawks do not have the best record in the league, but I think they are the best team at present.

NBA Attendance Up To Date----- Even though they are number one in Crawford's NBA power rankings, the Atlanta Hawks still are floundering at the box office (well I guess maybe there is no box office now with technology, but I still like the term), as the Hawks rank 22nd in NBA average attendance rankings. Amazing they draw on average almost 2,000 more on the road than at home. 16,400 at home, 18,005 on the road.

No surprise, Chicago leads the league in average attendance of 21,505, selling out every game. Last in the league is the Timberwolves at 13,870. Memphis, which is having one great year like the Hawks ranks 18th with an average of 17,031.

Here is a list of teams that have a higher average of fans seeing their games on the road,  than at home, sadly----- Milwaukee, Denver, New Orleans, Sacramento, Phoenix, Atlanta, Indiana, Orlando, Brooklyn, Washington, Boston, Charlotte and Memphis.

Cascade Collegiate Conference---- Last night, I saw my 104th college basketball  game in the 2014-15, live, start finish and it was a great one. A battle for first place in the Northwest Conference, between inner city rivals, as Concordia visited Warner Pacific. For those of you reading around the world, the CCC is the best NAIA Division 2 Conference in the country.

Last night's game did not disappoint, as Concordia won a nail biter to move into a tie with College of Idaho for the top spot in the CCC. C of I, plays tonight at home against Oregon Tech, if they win, that will set-up a huge game next Friday night as C of I comes to Concordia.

There is still something special about last night, with not a seat to had in the gym 2 hours before tip-off and people standing 3-4 deep in every corner. Granted, Warner Pacific is a small gym, but seeing a game sold out, is always special. By the way, everyone got along as well, which always make a night at a basketball game even more special.

Tonight the CCC, along with the Northwest Conference and NWAC Sports leagues are all back in action. This is small college basketball at its best, so just get out and see a game.

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