Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 27th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Robert Upshaw---- The case of Robert Upshaw being dismissed from the Washington Huskies basketball team, is just another example of an all so talented athlete not being able to take control of his life and perhaps his future.

It has been reported that Upshaw was dismissed from the Huskies for a violation of team rules, which has been reported as a failed drug test, of which Upshaw had the same issues and problems at Fresno State, before transferring to Washington.

If you have watched the 7-footer play, it is pretty easy to recognize he is one of the most talented players on the west coast and is true, old school shot blocker, averaging 4.4 blocks ppg. with his time up to his dismissal Monday from the Huskies.

A waste of true talent, but perhaps the future can be brighter for Upshaw, in life first, then basketball.

NBA----It truly has been an exciting year in the NBA as always, here is a little catching up from Greg Crawford On Basketball.

......... Is TNT really thinking about taking Charles Barkley out of the studio, or is he thinking of ending his TV stint himself. I have news for the world, people do not tune into the studio show for Shaq, Ernie or Kenny, they tune in for Chuck.

--------Speaking of announcing, it is becoming more and more apparent that Kevin Harlan, who usually does one of the TNT games on Thursday night, might be the best play by play announcer in sports. He is terrific on basketball and if you have not heard him calling NFL games on radio, you are missing a real treat. By the way, he will be calling the Super Bowl on Westwood One, this Sunday. He is as good as it gets.

......... It is kind of surprising that the richest franchise in the NBA, could not keep a great team on the court. The Lakers are horrible, they probably will be back, but it is going to take awhile. They failed to keep developing young players, while adding pieces to the puzzle that just did not fit.

........It seems as if every NBA city gets a new arena about every 25 years for the most part, or at least a renovation. Now, the common thinking seems to be shifting that each team needs to either renovate or get a new arena every 15 years or sooner. The reason, fans want an experience, not just a place to watch the game. You can obviously never leave your house to get more than enough college and NBA basketball. The college game is finding out, unless they make major changes, they will continue to see attendance decline at staggering levels. The NBA can't let it happen to them.

NWAC Sports Coach/Player Of Week---- Each Tuesday, in Greg Crawford On Basketball, we pick a player and coach of the week. It is always hard, but always fun. NWAC Sports women's and men's basketball is terrific, get out and see a game, I am sure you will go back often.

Coach Of Week----This week's choice is Chad Meadors, Lower Columbia women's basketball coach. His team at present is riding a 7 game winning streak, all league wins and leads the NWAC Sports West Division. Lower Columbia had a huge win last weekend, defeating previously unbeaten in league play Centralia.

Player of the week honor goes to Columbia Basin's James Lopez as he led his team to two victories, getting them into a time with Big Bend for the top spot in the East region. Lopez in the two victories had  62 points, 10 rebounds and 16 assists.

Greg Crawford On Basketball says congrats to Chad Meadors and James Lopez.

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