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Greg Crawford On Basketball, For January 10th, 2015

By Gregory Crawford---- TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

After Game Handshakes--- Last night in Portland, Oregon I watched one great NAIA basketball game between Northwest Christian and Concordia, won by Concordia in overtime, a game that had first place on the line in the Cascade Collegiate Conference.

I love the way the NAIA starts a game. by having the players line-up foul line extended, play the national anthem and then come together for a handshake and wish each other good luck during the game. Now the NAIA, NCAA and high school basketball organizations should take this one step further and eliminate the line-up after games for handshakes.

The after game handshake needs to done away with, it has nothing to do with sportsmanship, but everything to do with safety and common sense. I am sure some coaches would disagree, but there is not one coach I have talked with that likes the after game handshake. Too many potential problems can arise with friction that might have happened during the game and problems arise every year with these stupid after game handshakes.

As well, not to single out Northwest Christian, as they are a total class act led by  their coach, former Oregon Duck great Luke Jackson, but does anyone really think they wanted to go through a handshake line after such a tough loss in overtime. Let's cut the crap and really make the game about the student-athlete and eliminate after game handshakes. The NBA does so many things right, you notice this does not happen in the NBA.

NBA Power Rankings--- It is Saturday, that means it is time for another edition of Crawford's world famous NBA power rankings and of course out of respect for golf, things are always done in 9s.

1. Golden State

2. Atlanta

3. Portland

4. Dallas

5. Chicago

6. Memphis

7. Toronto

8. Clippers

9. Houston

College of Idaho---- Last night in Caldwell, Idaho, home of College of Idaho, the Yotes men's basketball team won their 27th straight game on their home floor to move into a tie for first place in the always brutally tough Cascade Collegiate Conference. The game was played before an overflow crowd.

College of Idaho is coached by one of the best in the business on any level in Scott Garson, who for many years was an assistant on the staff of Ben Howland at UCLA.

Of course any time you mention College of Idaho, talk must include the days that basketball hall of famer Elgin Baylor and San Francisco 49er great R.C. Owens played together and were roommates at the school. By all accounts, they were one of the best combos to ever play basketball together on level in the Pacific Northwest.

Owens was a tremendous leaper, who will never be given enough credit for helping invoke goal tending rules in college basketball, as on many a night he blocked so many shots, which now would be illegal blocks, but his leaping ability both in basketball and football will always be part of sports lore.

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