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Gregory Crawford On Basketball, May 17th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst  twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz

ATTENTION READERS---- After taking some time off and sporadically writing Gregory Crawford On Basketball, it will be full steam ahead. This blog will appear everyday except Tuesdays from now on, which will cover the NBA, D-League, NCAA, NAIA and the NBA Draft. I hope you will come back often and check things out, plus always love the interactive part, so feel free at anytime to comment on the blog, below as much as you want and I will always respond. Thank you very much as always for your great support and readership.

Steve Kerr----It certainly will be interesting to see how Steve Kerr does as the coach of the Golden State Warriors. As I have mentioned before in this blog, I never felt Kerr would take the job with the Knicks. It just did not feel right, all the long delays and the constant rumors that Kerr wanted to stay out west.

For sure Kerr has lots to work with in Golden State and a team that will continue to improve. It is also more than fair to think that Kerr might struggle a little, having never been a head coach in the league, or for that matter anywhere prior to Golden State on any level. How do you think Steve Kerr will do?

Stan Van Gundy----Van Gundy almost certainly will turn the Pistons into a winner, as he is taking on quite the responsibility of being both the head coach in Detroit and the President of basketball. On thing to watch here is if Van Gundy will keep going with his slow down style of play, which would be the opposite of the way the rest of the league has been playing as of late, with most teams going to an up-tempo, which is for sure a favorite of players. As readers, your thoughts on Van Gundy being a success as coach of the Detroit Pistons?

Oregon State----As bizarre as it seems to let Coach Craig Robinson go in May, long after the period in which we usually see coaches being let go, it probably is good that Oregon State is taking their time in selecting a successor.

My two favorites for the job, would be Bob Cantu and Kerry Keating, both talented guys, really good recruiters and at the same time, would win in Corvallis.

And once again, how about reaching out to A.C. Green, one of the greatest Beavers of all time and who would be a dynamite choice. Who would you as a reader like to see as the next coach of the Oregon State Beavers?

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