Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Can Kobe, LeBron and Carmelo Work? by Jourdyn Thompson

To many people want to say that these three superstars can not play together, before it's even said that they will join Kobe in a Lakers uniform this upcoming season. If Carmelo and LeBron both agree to play for about 16-17 million per year for 4 years this will happen. Both players want the max and it will feel like they got the max with the Lakers seeing how much money the Lakers earn each year, plus on top of the endorsements each player already has they will be set.  Think about this, Melo and LBJ play with Kobe for two years and then Kobe passes the torch. Now with Kobe off the books they have money to bring in another big player and then that three peat LBJ was looking for will finally happen. If Melo and LBJ takes their talents to L.A. watch out because Kobe will tie Micheal Jordan and then the following season what other way to send Kobe out then by helping him pass MJ with his 7th NBA title? How does that sound?

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