Sunday, November 9, 2014

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For November 9th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Radio and Print Basketball Analyst---on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Oregon State--- If Oregon State fans are going ugly wild over losing to the Washington State Cougars in football on Saturday, I have a little news for them.

It was even worse for the Beavers, losing in men's basketball on Friday night to D-2 Western Oregon. Now I love basketball, I love the "little guys" in basketball, as my history dictates, but never should a D-1 Pac-12 team, lose to a D-2 team, that is predicted to finish fourth in their conference, the GNAC.

Yes, I was one of the first people to jump onto the bandwagon over the hiring of Wayne Tinkle as the Beavers' new basketball coach and in no way am I jumping off the bandwagon. As a matter of fact, Tinkle is a much bigger winner as a college coach, than the beloved Beaver football coach Mike Riley. Tinkle will get it done at Oregon State and will get them into the NCAA tournament very soon, something Beaver fans have not seen since 1990.

In the meantime, no matter how much you have to rebuild, if you are Oregon State, you just can't lose to Western Oregon, under any circumstances. Even though it is billed as an exhibition game, it is one of the worst losses in the storied history of Oregon State basketball.

It will get better Beaver basketball fans, but if you are upset with the football, you need to be equally upset with this loss in basketball and not even equally, you have to downright distraught.

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