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Greg Crawford On Basketball, for April 3rd, 2014

By Gregory Crawford, TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst @wchoops and @crawssportsbiz

Final Four----Per usual with the NCAA tourney, four very good teams have made the Final Four. They all have unique stories and they all have interesting twists on how they got this far.

In a nutshell, I would predict we are headed for a Florida/Kentucky final, with the winner being Kentucky. They are the hottest of four hot teams right now and have a combination of size, speed and athleticism that is tough to beat. Much like Billy Donavan of Florida, John Calipari also knows how to win a Final Four, so important at this level of time. What do you think, your opinion does count here.

Ernie Kent----Ernie Kent will win in Pullman as the new coach of the Washington State Cougars of the Pac-12. Kent has won at each school he has been at and won big, both at Oregon and St. Mary's. He also knows how to recruit big time players to his program, looking at the success of the Ducks' during his tenure there.

One thing that is almost certain to get any coach fired beyond not enough Ws is low attendance and at Washington State they had a boring team to watch, very few were watching actually as the Cougs finished the home season average attendance just over 2,800 fans per game. In a big time league like the Pac-12, that is nothing short of pathetic and that in part is the reason for Ken Bone getting let go.
How do you think Ernie Kent will do in Pullman and can he pull off the magic, like he did in Eugene.

Utah---Very smart move by the Utah Utes to lock up Larry Krytstowiak for five more years. He is a terrific coach and has literally turned the basketball culture around in Salt Lake City. Playing in the highly improved Pac-12, his team went 21-12 on the season and earned a coveted spot in the NIT. Was it a good move extending Krytstowiak for five more seasons with the Utes.

NBA---For some reason, I just love to debate this question all the time. Who is the greatest player ever in the NBA. Choices to start the thinking process might just be Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

For my money, it is not even close, I love Magic Johnson as the all time greatest player. He not only won championships, but he willed so many of his teammates to victories. And he still is the only player in league history to play all five positions in the walk-off game of an NBA Final Series. Who do you think is the greatest player of all time in the NBA?

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