Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gregory Crawford On Basketball, for April 6th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford, TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst, @wchoops @crawssportsbiz

The Final---It should be a great game on Monday night between Connecticut and Kentucky. Two storied basketball programs, that have been in this situation before many times and won many times.

Connecticut certainly proved that they belong there by demolishing Florida on Saturday. It was not quite as easy for Kentucky, but they beat an excellent Wisconsin team by one point.

It is certainly interesting to see the maturation of Kentucky coach John Calipari. In his early coaching years he was known as strictly a recruiter, who had trouble developing the Xs and Os game. Boy has that changed as Calipari is one of the top five bench coaches in the college game right now. That is why he gets the edge tomorrow night and of course the national championship.

Final Score:

Kentucky (65) over Connecticut (62)

Long Season---As a basketball writer and commentator, I love when the season starts and I am saddened to see it end quite frankly, even though the seasons seem to be getting longer all the time. I attended 127 games live and in person, start to finish this year. My first game started at Multnomah University in the heart of Portland, Oregon on October 17th. My last game to see live was at Portland State on March 8th.

It was an enjoyable year as I saw college games at all levels from the NCCAA (National Collegiate Christian Athletic Association), NAIA, Community College and NCAA. Funniest thing I saw all year long was a community college game where for 11 seconds one team played with seven players on the floor.

This by no means is a swan song to basketball writing. This blog will continue several days a week, covering the NBA, D-League, NBA Draft and of course off season college basketball news.

Fun times are ahead so be sure to bookmark this blog and thank you.

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