Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For December 3rd, 2014

By Gregory Crawford----TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst ---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

Portland State/Portland---- Here we go tonight in my hometown, where I have followed college basketball closely for 54 years.

The men's match up between Portland State and U of Portland is a good rivalry, it will be even better tonight as both teams are off to a fast start and have a combined record of 10-2.

With friends and long time relationships on both sides, it is tough call for me to pick a winner. But someone in the town of Portland, Oregon has to talk about this game, so here is my prediction.

PSU 71 @Portland 72 (in overtime)

Scores----For entertainment purposes only, here are my NBA score predictions for Wednesday night. Always fun.

Lakers 88 @ Washington 93
Chicago 86 @ Charlotte 82
Dallas 110 @ Milwaukee 111

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