Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For December 31st, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz and @kcsportsmgmt

NBA--- The latest and hopefully greatest Crawford's NBA power rankings. Really hard to do, but someone has to do it as we head to 2015.

1. Golden State
2. Portland
3. Chicago
4. Memphis
5. Toronto
6. Atlanta
7. Houston
8. Washington
9. Clippers

 Basketball Wishes---- Here are few wishes from Crawford for 2015 in regards to the great game of basketball.

1. Hoping Gonzaga for the first time ever will make the Final Four. One of the greatest fan bases in all of basketball and one of the biggest disappointments over and over in post season play.

2. Hoping Gregg Popovich, will play his regulars in regular season games. I know people think it is cute, but it also cheats the fans and it really makes you think hard about all those championships, were they really earned. San Antonio is a great city and franchise, but I never feel good about this Popovich style of resting players. The NBA is an entertainment league and always should be.

3. Hoping Danny Miles, the iconic coach of Oregon Tech will soon join the Basketball Hall of Fame. Not sure what else he needs to do, 1,000 wins should get you in automatically.

4. Change college basketball rules, they are diminishing the game at a rapid rate. 1) Less timeouts. 2) Allow pre-game dunking 3) Offense can't call timeout in the backcourt 4) Reduce the shot clock down to 29 seconds.

5. There are many, many more, but last for today. Hopefully more people will get out and attend all levels of college basketball, not just D-1, but all levels both men and women.


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