Sunday, December 7, 2014

Greg Crawford On Basketball, For December 7th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford--- TV, Print and Radio Analyst--- on twitter @wchoops @kcsportsmgmt @crawssportsbiz

Oregon State---- I was pretty excited when I heard the news this past spring that Oregon State hired Wayne Tinkle as their next men's basketball coach. I have watched Tinkle for many years guide Montana, winning many games that they probably should not have or would not have with a different coach.

After watching Tinkle pretty much will his team to an overtime victory last night on road against the Portland Pilots, I am even more excited about the future of Oregon State basketball. The victory by the Beavers last night, improved their pre-league record to 5-2. Some so called experts before the season started thought the Beavers would not even win four game all year long.

No, the Beavers will not win the Pac-12 title this year, nor will they go to the NCAA tourney, a place they have not been since 1990. But, the Beavers this year will win some games they are not suppose to in Pac-12 league play and watch out next year.

Oregon State has a top 25 recruiting class coming in next year as everybody knows, but for this year there are two players on the team to watch and could become big time, Victor Robbins and Gary Payton 11, of course the son of Oregon State and NBA great Gary Payton.

The fan base is slowly returning and great basketball is fastly returning to Corvallis, Oregon. Wayne Tinkle is the leader of the pack. or whatever you call a group of Beavers.

Renewed Faith--- My faith was a little bit renewed regarding college basketball fans in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. Nearly 3,500 people showed up last night at the Chiles Center to watch Portland/Oregon State. A small crowd by most standards, but good for Portland, Oregon and a recent history of not supporting college basketball. Plus a lively crowd, divided pretty equally between Pilot and Beaver fans, with the Pilot fans much more louder. Perhaps the Beavers are still in shock of seeing a really good ball club on the floor and thinking they will lose all the time.

Speaking of the Portland Pilots, despite their second loss last night, they still are a really good team, that should have an excellent season. They played last night without Kevin Bailey, their leading scorer.

Scores----My season record has reached 30-20, on predicting NBA scores. So here we go with Sunday's games and of course, for entertainment and fun purposes only.

Portland 111 @ New York 104
New Orleans 99 @ Lakers 101
OKC 120 @ Detroit 99

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