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Greg Crawford On Basketball, For December 28th, 2014

By Gregory Crawford---TV, Print and Radio Basketball Analyst---- on twitter @wchoops @crawssportsbiz @kcsportsmgmt

NWAC BASKETBALL--- Just before Christmas, I was asked a question by someone I know well, "why do I waste so much time covering the NWAC, it is not that important ?" While most people would take offense to that question,  personally it caused me to think a lot.

I have been fortunate enough to follow basketball closely for 54 years, thanks to great parents who bought me a transistor radio, which was way beyond their budget, so I could listen to San Francisco Warrior games and Laker games even all the way up in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. Obviously, basketball and helping animals, is my first love. It also means as a member of the media, I have been able to see so many key college and professional games live and in person. This year I will see close to 150 college games, live, start to finish.

Although I was late to the party in enjoying these games, my most enjoyment in watching games comes from NWAC basketball and than by no means is to slight other leagues I see, it thrilling every time I watch any basketball game.

I love both men and women's NWAC basketball for many reasons, here is just a few.

1. If I can give NWAC basketball just a slight amount of coverage I love doing it, since their coverage in the mainstream media is pretty much zero.

2. The coaches in the NWAC are awesome people, as well as basketball coaches. Many have been at their respective schools longer than 10 years, showing their dedication not only to basketball, but helping shape the lives of young men and women way beyond the basketball floor.

3. I also admire the players. Some are on their last stop of playing organized basketball, some are struggling in the classroom to make it, some are great students, but one thing always stands out, they give it their all each and every day, which means lots.

4. NWAC basketball truly is a pure form of the great game of basketball and if you have not watched a game, if you go to one game, you will return.

So NWAC Sports basketball players, coaches, administrators, keep doing what you are doing and I will try my best to keep doing what I do, support you in the media as much as I possibly can.

NWAC Power Rankings---- It is only fair since for the last year I have been doing the Crawford's power rankings for NWAC men's basketball, that I start for women's basketball doing the same thing. So here is the first ever women's edition. For those of you new to Crawford's power rankings, I always do things in 9s,  out of respect for another big love, the game of golf.

1. Umpqua
2. Centralia
3. Treasure Valley
4. Clackamas
5. Walla Walla
6. Blue Mountain
7. Spokane
8. Olympic
9. Clark

Clackamas CC---- Hope you can make it in your plans in the next 3 days to attend a great basketball tournament at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, Oregon. You will not only see great basketball, but you will also see plenty of 4-year college coaches looking at potential players for their teams. 8 teams, 11 games, men's college basketball at its finest and thanks Clif Wegner and staff for putting this all together.

Game times today 28th and on the 29th are 1,3.5 and 7. On the 30th, the games will start at 11, 1 and with the championship game at 3:00.

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